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Flats Aren’t Always Feet Friendly

August 27, 2013

Although I consider myself a relatively fit person, my feet are killing me after todays walk! I wore my cute, new white and pink flats (hoping they will stay white for a while…) and am highly considering only wearing sneakers for the next few days.

Despite that and the fact that my bananas from the market yesterday turned out to be terribly mushy, my day has been great! This morning we headed out to do a trial run of my commute to Kleinfeld. It’s fairly easy: bus to train to another train. Kleinfeld is on 20th street, so the walk after getting off at 23rd is only two minutes. To make things even better, Trader Joes is across the street! I couldn’t stop myself from taking a picture of Kleinfeld’s new Fall display windows and trying not to start my first day right there. The excitement just keeps building!

After wandering through some clothing stores and Starbucks, we traveled via bus to West 23rd street to meet with Surabhi from the AIC (Academic Intern Council). Their office is in an old building that used to act as a warehouse for trains that came over from the water, so the place was really neat. We got lunch at ‘Wichcraft (www.wichcraftnyc.com) and then walked two blocks to eat on the High Line.

The High Line is one of the coolest places I have ever encountered, really. This park/walkway is built on an old freight rail line and runs through part of Manhattan. It was beautiful; the greenery surrounding the tracks totally took you out of the city for a few minutes. Since the track is elevated, you are able to see far into the city, overlook the Hudson River, and even see the Statue of Liberty from far away (I attached some pictures). Luckily, Kleinfeld is only a short bus ride away… I will undoubtedly be visiting often. The High Line is filled with benches and other seating areas, so it’s a perfect place to bring lunch or watch the sun go down!

We also visited Chelsea Market, a huge food market in Chelsea (right near the High Line/close to Kleinfeld as well). The market is built in the old Nabisco factory and the designers left behind a bunch of the old industrial parts and machines. There are tons and tons of places to eat and grab cute pastries (www.chelseamarket.com). I found this super neat shop called “Spices and Tease” where I got two different loose teas. They smell amazing!

I can’t imagine I’ll be moving from my bed anytime soon considering tomorrow we’re heading to the Bronx Zoo (right around the corner & free admission on Wednesdays)! If anyone is down for giving me a foot massage, let me know.

Spices & Tease


View from High Line


Statue of Liberty from High Line


High Line


Kleinfeld Window

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