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Off To the Bronx We Go

August 26, 2013

My Story: Last semester I decided on a whim to apply to “Stonehill in New York,” a program offered by my school that allows students to intern full time for a semester in the Big Apple. After being accepted, I immediately set my sights on Kleinfeld Bridal. What girl doesn’t watch “Say Yes To The Dress” with wide eyes and jealous feelings and hope that they will be there one day?! Long story short, I was lucky enough to land the internship of my dreams as a Bridal Consultant Assistant at Kleinfeld Bridal! So now, here I am, a Long Island girl living in the Bronx, anxiously awaiting the adventure ahead.

After renting a U-Haul to trek all of my things into the Bronx (my Grandma would’ve had a heart attack if she saw the amount of boxes I had) and close to 8 hours of decorating and redecorating I’ve made a comfy little space that I already know I won’t want to leave. I’ll post more pictures when finishing touches are completed.

Today, I visited the Fordham campus where I’m taking one class (Intro to Journalism). It is about a three minute walk away and is beautiful! I also found out that you’re charged 5 cents for using plastic bags at most grocery stores around here. There is a great market right around the corner that sells everything from produce to peanut butter. Fordham Plaza is also really close (about a 5 minute walk). There are a ton of fruit and veggies stands there; I’m planning on wandering through it later this week.

Lunch today was at Café Cosi in Manhattan with Cynthia (our Residence Director) and Grace and Jackie (the two other Stonehill Students in the program). It was delicious! They’re a Panera type restaurant with soups, salads, flat breads, paninis… Their chicken caesar salad was great.

Tomorrow we’re taking another trip into Manhattan to see how I will be getting to Kleinfeld next week. My internship beings the 6th, I can’t wait!


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