New York

Three Things I Learned Today

August 29, 2013

1. Always bring an umbrella, raincoat, or something along those lines with you around the city unless you enjoy getting rained on.
2. Not everyone curbs their dogs. Watch out for poop — if you step on it when wearing flip flops it can fling up onto your leg.
3. Sometimes an inconspicuous hallway is actually a men’s restroom.

Today was our trip into the Bronx Zoo. Cynthia brought her brother, Albert, to wheelchair her along (she’s pregnant and looks about ready to pop!). The Zoo was great and the rain held off until the end of our trip. We had to take cover in the Congo for a while, but I was glad to leave after seeing the bats that were hanging from the ceiling had free roam.

My first class at Fordham was tonight and seems like it’ll be interesting! I got lost in the building a few times, so I look like a freshman without a doubt. The campus is beautiful, I really love it! Tomorrow night the football team has their opening game against URI. I believe Jackie and I are going (Grace has her class). In the morning, we’re going to an at-home daycare in the Bronx to volunteer for the day. I’m expecting that it will be a very humbling experience.




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