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August 31, 2013

Last night, Jackie and I ran to Tino’s Deli to get gelato before it closed at 7:30… It was undoubtedly worth it! After that, we ended up going to the Fordham football game against URI, and despite the fact that we’re juniors in college, we apparently had “FRESHMEN” written all over us. After an hour of people watching and involuntarily making small talk with an overly friendly freshman boy, Grace got out of class and joined us for dinner. Fordham won the game, but I’m not sure of the final score.

Today was a very touristy day. We toured the United Nations building and walked around Times Square for a while. While a tour of the UN isn’t really my thing, it was pretty interesting, and my odd tour group filled in the gaps. The overly eager Indian woman provided us with some entertainment… It was hard not to laugh when the tour guide got pissed because of her asking too many questions.

Times Square was as busy as always! We saw where to buy the rush tickets for Broadway shows, which I’m sure we will make use of at some point this semester. When Broadway shows have extra tickets that remain unsold, this ticket booth sells the tickets at a discount, so if you’re able to get a ticket, you can see the show for cheaper than usual.

I’m almost too full to think about all the food I ate today, but here we go… Tonight we had our first common dinner. Camelia, our housekeeper, cooked a huge dinner for Jackie, Grace, and I, as well as Cynthia and her family. This consists of her husband Raul, their 17 month old daughter, Hope, and Raul’s two other daughters, Ninoska and Alex. Dinner was delicious and fun! The family is great and it’s really enjoyable to sit and chat and hear about their experiences living in the house that becomes a home to the visiting Stonehill students. At the end of dinner, Cynthia surprised me with a belated birthday cake! It was really sweet and tasted so so good!

Grace just left for the weekend and Jackie and I are about to start a marathon of “Nashville.” In one week from today, I’ll have completed my first day at Kleinfeld, wee! (Sorry, Grace, this one was better…)

UN escalator pics

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