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September 26, 2013

Today was the perfect day off! I slept in, and after working out and making breakfast, it was around 12 o’clock. Whoops. I enjoyed the most delicious, self-made breakfast burrito for lunch and chatted with Camelia for a while. She was telling me about her family (she is one of 11) and mentioned her Grandmother, who had 19 children. 19?! I can’t even… Speaking of children, Cynthia had her baby today! Madison was born at 7 pounds on the dot and 21 inches long. I can’t wait to meet the little peanut!

Anyway, after writing my research paper proposal that is part of the requirement for the NYC program, I headed over to Modern to do some much needed food shopping. While I was there, I found the cutest gourds and mini pumpkins that were only $1.79 a pound! Needless to say, I purchased way more than necessary, but I couldn’t help myself. They were all so adorable and fun, and my room is now happily decorated for fall.

On my way back from Modern, I stopped at Tino’s for some much needed gelato. Every girl deserves that after she works out, right? Anyway, afterwards I spent about two hours slaving over sweet potato black bean burgers that I made from scratch, but it was totally worth it; they came out delicious! I also made frozen fruit and yogurt bars which were so simple and so good. I took Chobani Greek yogurt (vanilla flavored with chocolate slivers), and threw that in a glass dish with blueberries and strawberries, and topped it with banana. Freeze the bars and cut them before they’re too hard.

I managed to finish all of my homework that was due today, and even saw a black squirrel on the way to class. I tried to snap a picture without being too obvious, and then the thing nearly ran across my feet!

Tomorrow morning, I have to go into work early, because a few of us are being put into dresses for a product knowledge meeting. On Monday, I volunteered to go into work for filming, and will be pretending to be a bride, since the store is usually closed Mondays, and they need it to look busy. I’m assuming someone who is somewhat high profile is coming in for a dress, because I have no other idea why they would film on Monday, but I guess I’ll find out. If anyone feels like spending their day at Kleinfeld, let me know, we can bring guests!

Gelato from Tino’s

Black Squirrel

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