A Solid Day In Heels

September 22, 2013

Let me just “brag” about this quick… I’ve finally made it through an entire work day in heels! Usually I end up changing into flats before the day is over, since we really don’t ever get a chance to sit, but I did it today! A round of applause is welcome (and encouraged).

Moving past that, today, after a LONG commute in, I was placed to work with Ellie, who I’ve been dying to work with! She has seemed super sweet and fun, so I was excited this morning when Nicole told me I would be with her for the day. And what a day it was…! Our first bride was very nice and brought along one of her friends. Both women are originally from Brazil but are living in the US for 6 months for business. They will be heading back next month. Because the wedding is in November, Ellie and I looked through the stock dresses. The bride found one she really liked, but left empty handed.

Our second appointment is really slipping from my mind, I can’t remember a thing about it! On my way down to lunch, I was pulled aside and asked to put a comeback bride of another consultant into a stock dress that she was hoping to purchase. The bride was from West Africa and was hoping to head home with a dress. After putting her into a Maggie Sottero that was priced at only $999, the bride decided it was perfect and took it home (along with my lunch break).

But on a happier note, the day was certainly kept interesting! Ellie and I had a fair share of odd appointments. One of our brides was from Japan, and make for a very awkward appointment. She was quiet, didn’t express any of her interests, and had little regard for personal space. However, she was nice but, sadly, left without a gown. The dresses we had available to rush before her wedding, which was mid-December, were mostly too expensive, or unfortunately, not the style she was looking for. And I’ll share a bit of a secret; Ellie and I totally took a little red velvet cake break during the appointment.

Afterwards, we had another bride from the Caribbean who was also looking for a stock dress. While both the mother and bride were very soft spoken at first, Ellie was able to lighten the mood and get the bride to warm up. We put her in the same Maggie Sottero style dress that I helped sell to the other consultants bride earlier in the day and she loved it… until she put on a dress I pulled for her! It ended up being her favorite dress (which, admittedly, made me feel really proud), but she left empty handed as well. Because Kleinfeld was only her second stop, the bride wanted to do some more shopping, however she may be back tomorrow to purchase.

Our final appointment was a really, really great one! We’ll call the bride Theresa. Theresa brought along her younger sister and mother, and Kleinfeld was her first wedding dress stop. She explained to Ellie and I that she was looking for a mermaid gown with some detail but not much beading, ruffle, or sparkle. After we pulled a few gowns, Theresa fell in love with the first one she put on! I’m kicking myself for not remembering the designer, because the dress is beautiful and I would love to share a picture. It was a mermaid gown with an embroidered lace overlay in a color called champagne/ivory/silver. She tried on other gowns, at the request of her sister and mother, but ended up saying “yes” to the first dress she put on. It looked absolutely fantastic and you could tell she loved it! The three women were all wonderful and made for a really nice final appointment of the day.

Despite the fact that my feet are beyond exhausted and I convinced myself all day that I have off tomorrow (which I don’t), the day actually turned out to be really nice! Ellie is so much fun, and we have a lot of similarities that were nice to chat about. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people to say “Yay! Tomorrow is Sunday!” but I can’t wait for my Monday off…

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