Model Morning

September 27, 2013

This morning, I woke up extra early to get ready for the day and be to work by 9:45. Our Directors were holding a project knowledge meeting for the Consultants, where they have some of us model the new gowns. I was placed in an Angel Sanchez A-line gown priced at $8,300. It was fun to dress up!

Anyway, after that the day went by pretty quickly! I worked with Allison, and our first bride said “yes” to her dress. She was a very fit and petite bride, who came up from North Carolina to get a dress at Kleinfeld. Her wedding will be in Canada, because when she was watching The Bachelor during Sean’s season, she saw a location that she knew she wanted to get married! Hah! For all of you Bachelor fans, it’s where Sean and the girls did the polar plunge and Tierra had some hypothermia issue or whatever. Back to the bride, she ended up choosing a fit and flare lace gown that really complimented her figure.

Because it took the bride a few minutes to make her decision, and then we had to wait for a Director to come measure, the appointment ran well into the second time slot, which left Allison and I a little over an hour for lunch. It was nice to sit downstairs and chat with everyone for a while; I even tried a fig!

The appointment after lunch was actually a lot of fun. Our bride, who we’ll call Charlotte, was very high energy. She brought along her Mom, who had so many funny comments, and the pair was great to work with. Charlotte had no budget that was important for us to follow, and she was hoping to find a unique gown. After trying on half of Pnina’s collection, Charlotte was stuck one of her gowns with a handkerchief type bottom that she loved, but a bodice that she thought was too short on her. Pnina came over and offered to custom design the dress so that the bodice sat lower on Charlotte’s hips. She left torn between the Pnina and a beautiful, blush colored Mark Zunino gown, and will be back later this week with her decision. I believe she may even buy both, because her Mom was telling me that they’re considering having Charlotte’s ceremony and reception on two separate days.

The rest of the day was sort of a blur. I think my brain started to freeze because of the temperature in the store, and I was becoming too tired to function. It’s still weird to me that tomorrow’s Friday but I just started my work stretch…

Angel Sanchez Gown

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