Pastries and Pep Talks

September 28, 2013

Happy Friday! Friday’s are one of my favorite days at the store, because it’s shorter, and there are only four appointments as opposed to the usual five. During the fifth appointment, everyone’s usually extremely exhausted and burnt out, so Friday’s are a bit of a break.

Anyway, before we opened, there was a “20 year club” celebration. As if it isn’t obvious, the celebration is for honoring all of the Kleinfeld employees that have been with the store for 20 years or more. There was a ton of fruit, pastries, and other breakfast foods for all of the Kleinfeld staff, and they were too delicious!

After we were all called upstairs, Ronnie, one of the owners of Kleinfeld, brought the interns back downstairs for a short meeting. He gave us a brief pep talk about how much of an impact the interns have on each appointment, and gave us a few guidelines he wants us to keep in mind during everyday. Ronnie also mentioned that him and Mara, the other owner, will be taking all of the interns out to dinner towards the end of the year, which I’m sure will be a ton of fun!

When we were released, I was placed to work with Lisa Furman, who I was with my very first day. She hadn’t gotten a bride yet, so we sat around and chatted for a while until our bride finally came in late. She was a comeback for Lisa, and wanted to show her family a few gowns she had tried on previously. I’m not really sure what the purpose of her appointment was, because she only tried on four gowns she had put on before, and left without a dress. I believe she was scheduling another date to come back, but who knows.

Our second bride was plus sized and didn’t have much of an idea of what she was looking for. Lisa and I went into the plus sized stock room and pulled some dresses. The very first dress the bride put on looked amazing; it was so flattering on her! After that, every gown looked really great. Honestly, props to Lisa. She pulled the most perfect gowns for the brides figure and she felt amazing in all of them. That’s so so important for the outcome of the appointment. In any situation, especially one with a plus sized bride, the appointment will immediately go downhill the minute the bride thinks she looks chubby in a gown. And this bride didn’t look that, in any. She ended up saying “yes” to the first dress and left feeling so happy.

Since the appointment was quick and easy, we had an extra long lunch break (again)! I’ve been getting pretty lucky with those. Our third appointment was with a girl we’ll call Sabrina who brought along her best friend since seventh grade. Sabrina’s wedding is a destination wedding in Turks & Caicos (I want to be invited), and because of the venue, she was looking for a very simple, light, and flowy gown. After we brought her friend out on the main floor to find a seat while we put Sabrina into gowns, Sabrina told Lisa and I about a Maggie Sottero dress she had tried on previously and loved. We snuck that gown into the mix, and it became the favorite of her friends, without her even knowing! Immediately after the Maggie, Lisa put Sabrina into a similar dress by Elizabeth Fillmore, and I can’t even explain how amazing she looked! Honestly, it was my favorite dress that I have seen on a bride so far.

I believe Sabrina was about ready to say yes, although she wanted to wait until her Mom could come and see (who could buy a gown without their Mom?!). She scheduled an appointment with Lisa for later this week, since her Mom is leaving for vacation next week. I hope to see her back, the dress was really too perfect on her for her to pass up.

I don’t have the energy to talk about our last appointment; it was too odd for me to even begin. I found out that filming on Monday isn’t for anyone special. The TLC film crew needs to film “fluff” to cut into the upcoming season. Speaking of which, there’s a new season premiering tonight at 9, check it out! Lisa, who I was working with today, will be on one of the episodes. Don’t look for me though, I won’t be in the background until next season…

Elizabeth Fillmore Gown

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