Picking Up the Pace

September 8, 2013

Day 2 was a busier and more exciting day than yesterday! When I got in this morning, Joan Roberts (Director of Sales/ Intern Mom) spoke with me and the other two new interns about a few store procedures and gave us the brief introduction that we didn’t get yesterday. Joan is such a sweet woman and really cares SO much about her staff and brides.

Anyway, after our meeting, Joan paired us with our consultants for the day. I was paired with Debbie, which I’m sure many of you know from the show (she’s always on). Because of our meeting, I started mid-appointment. We’ll call the girl Natalie, and she was a 23 year old bride from North Carolina. Along with her came her sisters, cousins, mom, aunt, and a few other women whose relationship I’m not sure of. The group dynamics were actually fantastic; they were all very supportive and really wanted the best for Natalie. She was interested in mostly A-line gowns and was awestruck by one all lace A-line from the Michelle Roth trunk show.

After trying on a few more dresses and being indecisive about saying “yes” to the dress, Natalie told Debbie and I about this one dress she’s been eyeing for years by a designer that Kleinfeld does not carry. She had an appointment with a nearby salon after lunch who apparently carried the dress. Natalie was headed back home tomorrow, so she left with the possibility of coming back later.

Our second appointment, who I will call Cori, was a very short bride who brought along her sister, mother, aunt, and future mother-in-law. Cori was looking for A-line or fitted gowns with lace or texture throughout. She looked beautiful in everything she tried on! Debbie got the vibe that Cori wasn’t necessarily ready to purchase a dress, but regardless, her appointment was really productive. She really liked a fit and flare lace dress, but wasn’t fully ready to make the commitment.

The third appointment wasn’t too exciting. The bride was looking for a lace dress, but was floored when Debbie put her in a very clean and simple charmeuse gown with ruching around the waist. She didn’t end up purchasing a dress either. Our last appointment was with a girl I’ll call Sarah. She brought along her two bridesmaids and both of her parents, and they were all so sweet, happy, and wonderful! It was really fun working with them. Sarah brought a ton of pictures of what she was looking for; a lace dress with a low back in a fitted A-line style.

During her appointment, our first bride, Natalie, returned to Kleinfeld and decided she wanted to purchase the Michelle Roth dress! I had to pull the dress and get Natalie in it. It was really exciting to see her whole group light up and cheer when Natalie said “yes”! Anyway, Michelle Roth then came in to measure Natalie, and after filling out the contract and bringing her to one of the registers, I returned back to our last appointment with Sarah.

At this point, she found a dress that she absolutely loved. After ruling out a few more, Sarah put back on the dress she couldn’t stop comparing others to. Debbie fixed her up with a veil and a headpiece, and Sarah decided this was the dress she wanted! Everyone in the group was extremely excited, and her father couldn’t stop himself from taking pictures (they’re allowed to if they purchase the dress). It was super cute. She looked stunning!

After completing the contract for Sarah, the appointment ran into the final time slot, so I was able to leave a little early. No blisters today, but all of the bags of dresses in the stock room shred my stockings! It’s awful… On the bright side, Debbie was great to work with! She really seemed to value my opinions when choosing dresses and had me do a few things on my own, which was a nice learning experience.

I just got back from eating dinner with Jackie and Grace, and need to repaint my nails because they somehow manage to badly chip in less than 24 hours. I’m super excited to see what tomorrow has to offer!

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