Rail Road Rants

September 18, 2013

“Without change, there’d be no butterflies.”

If one thing is for certain, it is that change is inevitable. So many things in our lives become a habit: snuggling your dogs in the morning, calling your mom when you’re confused, texting your best friend when all you want to do is scream… These habits give us comfort in our lives and encourage us to live by what we know.

The past month or so has really helped me to understand this. As much as we may pretend, no one feels confident stepping out of their comfort zones to make a change or to try something new. Sometimes we don’t have a choice, like when the life of a loved one is taken or when a friendship slowly drifts apart. And there are other times when the decision is in our hands when we realize the time has come where something needs to change. I wish I could say that all changes are wanted, but I don’t think that would be possible, even in a perfect world. Regardless, the quote I learned yesterday pointed out something so true; without change, there would be no butterflies.

Change isn’t easy. While it can be fun and exciting, it isn’t always. It’s hard, and sometimes sad, to break a habit that we’ve grown so comfortable with. When the choice is yours, it isn’t always made confidently. But in the end, change only enhances who we are. It helps us grow and forces us to discover new things. We are pushed outside of our comfort zones and detached from our habits, creating new adventures and lessons to learn.

NYC has provided me with so many opportunities to change. Some of these opportunities have come with a decision, and some have not. Some of these changes I’ve embraced with confidence, and the others I’m leading with uncertainty. With lack of a better term, change seems so weird to me. However, I have loved butterflies for my whole life, and we all have change to thank for that.

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