Shout Out To Power Outages

September 14, 2013

Yesterday I was not in the mood to write at all. Another young life was lost way too soon, and it really made me step back and look at my life. Hug everyone extra close and don’t take anything for granted… Rest in peace, Carly.

Bridal wise, yesterday was a nice day. I was placed with Allison who is so super fun! She has such an enjoyable, contagious personality which creates a great vibe for every appointment. To be honest, I really don’t remember any appointment except one with a girl who we’ll call Jennifer. Jennifer came in with her mother, sister-in-law, and a mission to find a sexy dress. She had a very young look and realized from previous wedding dress searches that the “cute” and “sweet” dresses made her look like a little girl. After showing us some pictures, Allison pulled a few dresses, and Jennifer was sold on the first one she put on! The dress was a very subtle and classy sexy with a low back and slit up the middle. She looked stunning (and said yes)!

Today, at the end of work, Ronnie (one of the owners) pulled me aside to share an email with me that he received last night. Jennifer wrote to Ronnie about her appointment and had nothing but nice things to say about Allison and I! It was so nice to hear.

Anyway, work today was fun as well! I worked with Katie who honestly looks like a pixie. She’s too sweet and pretty! Her wedding is in 5 weeks… TLC has filmed her fittings and will be at her wedding, so keep your eye out for a special episode. None of our brides ended up buying today, although I believe one will be back in the morning. I’ll spare everyone the story of my messy commute, but lucky me, due to power outages and trains deciding not to stop, I arrived late to work and therefore missed the first half of an appointment with a woman we’ll call Theresa. Theresa ended up falling in love with a beautiful Pnina ball gown! She is from New Orleans but didn’t want to miss out on the Kleinfeld experience, so she flew here and brought along her family from Chicago!

Theresa left empty handed, because she had two other appointments left today that her family wanted to go to, but if she didn’t have the appointments, she would have said “yes”! The gown looked great, and she looked completely happy in it. We’ll see!

After her, we had a bride who had no desire to communicate, which lead for an uncomfortable appointment. Katie wasn’t really able to get much out of her, but ended up leaving the appointment on a good note when we brought in some Pninas (she always seems to do the trick!).

Our last two brides were sweet and fun! One of the girls is making another appointment in a few months to come back with her mother who wasn’t able to make it today. The other bride, who I’ll call Meg, brought along her mother and a few friends. She’s getting married in a beautiful venue in northern California. She was showing us pictures; the mountains in the background couldn’t be any more breath taking! Meg really liked a soft, organza dress by a designer that I can’t remember, but also left empty handed. The one dress that she really wanted to try on was sold out of stock the other day (which is VERY rare) so we didn’t have it for her to see. Because of that, I don’t think she was able to make the commitment to the organza dress without trying on the other. We will have a new sample of that dress in soon, so I think Meg will be in again as well.

On my way up the stairs from the subway during my commute home, I saw a familiar outfit, and realized Jackie was right in front of me! We took the bus back together and grabbed dinner at the Full Moon Pizzeria around the corner from our house. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that we treated ourselves to tiramisu afterwards…

This weekend, we have a trunk show for Austin Scarlett, who was actually on the first season of Project Runway. He’ll be in store tomorrow, so it will be nice to meet the designer! Check out his dresses here: www.austinscarlett.com/collection.

Austin Scarlett Gown

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