So, Your Wedding Is In 8 Days?

September 21, 2013

I think I’m about ready to retire. Working full time is totally exhausting!

Today, I was paired with Alison again, who I have worked with before (she’s a lot of fun). While Friday is a short day, it seemed so long! We were super busy, and our lunch break was shortened because of an appointment that ran late.

After lunch, I ran into Alison on my way to her room. She grabbed my hand and told me “we have a situation…” Okay… When we received our sheet for the next appointment, we were told that the bride, who we’ll call Melanie, is coming up from alterations. She was on her third and final fitting, her wedding being next Saturday, and realized that she hated the dress. Melanie is a bigger woman with size H boobs (yes, H) and the dress was just not fitting her right. For brides that have such large breasts, the cups on the dress need to be opened when it is made by the designer since the cups are cut around size B. However, Maggie Sottero, the designer that makes the gown Melanie purchased, does not open up the cup. I guess that got lost in translation somehow, and during the final fitting, Melanie’s mom decided that the dress just didn’t work.

Alison and I had to look through the stock dresses, since there was clearly no time to order Melanie a dress. After some frustration of trying on dresses with too small of cups, Kim (one of the managers) brought in a Henry Roth dress that fit Melanie perfectly! And, in my opinion, one that was MUCH prettier than her original dress. Melanie and her mom both left happy but exhausted, and I’m so glad that she was able to find a dress that works.

Aside from Melanie, only one of our other appointment purchased a dress today. She bought a Pnina that is the “sister dress” of the dress that a consultant named Sarah who used to work at Kleinfeld purchased for her wedding a few years ago. Now, I’m sitting here with Jackie and Grace watching a Say Yes To the Dress marathon on TLC and love being able to notice some store quirks! There are a bunch of things I should be doing instead, but I can almost guarantee I won’t be doing anything else until bed time…

Melanie’s Original Dress

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