Stonehill at Kleinfeld

September 29, 2013

Holy cow…. What a day! Saturday and Sunday mornings are early mornings at the store, so I woke up early and began my trek into work. I was so looking forward to getting tea from David’s Tea, (which is like a Teavana, but better) but they don’t open until 10 on weekends so that was no longer an option.

I was placed to work with Renee today, who I haven’t been with before, and it was a fine but busy day! Four out of our five brides said “yes,” however, so it was successful! Our first bride brought along her mom and dad, and the three of them were so super sweet. The bride, who we’ll call Deb, came in wanting to try on a mermaid style Hayley Paige gown with a satin top and tulle/organza type bottom. I’ve seen the gown on a few brides before, and it’s surprisingly flattering! She tried the Hayley Paige on first, and, although she was pretty sure it was the one, wanted to try on more gowns. After a few, Renee put her in a Rivini gown that was very similar to the Hayley. Deb tried both on back to back a couple of times, and then after speaking with her parents, decided she was very confident in saying “yes” to the Rivini! Deb left happy and the dress looks great.

For the rest of the day, I was going back and forth between appointments with Renee and putting comeback brides of other consultants into the gown they decided they wanted to return and purchase. It was kind of crazy, but I suppose it kept me busy… After lunch, there was a really fun appointment with a bride we’ll call Jen. While I was in and out of this appointment as well, I was able to really connect with Jen’s family. Her mom went to Stonehill too, how cool! She lived in the Sem for all four of her college years (that’s where I lived Freshman year). Jen is having her younger brother as her “Best Man” as opposed to having a Maid of Honor, which is so fun. I loved it. She ended up saying “yes” to a tiered lace Augusta Jones gown.

After work, a few of the interns and I went out to dinner at a Mexican place called Block Heads. It was a fun environment, and was so nice to chat with everyone outside of Kleinfeld! I’m back in the Bronx now and totally pooped, dreaming up a vacation in Florida and would go tomorrow if I could…

Back of Hayley Paige Gown

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