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The Whispering Bench

September 5, 2013

Let me start off by saying: If anyone is looking for a boyfriend in NYC, hit me up. I have the contact information to Dylan Phillips, he told me to “drop him a line,” but I’m not interested…

I got back last night from my impromptu trip home and I was feeling SO under the weather! I’m feeling a little better today, but spent the morning relaxing just in case. I left here around 3 o’clock and headed into Manhattan to meet up with Uncle Jimmy (Dad’s best friend since the diaper years). His apartment is on W 56th Street right near Columbus Circle, and after heading in the wrong direction for two blocks, I found it just fine! The view from the rooftop was amazing! I could see myself living in the city for a while after graduation.

Anyway, after touring his apartment and drooling over the rooftop view, Uncle Jim and I headed down 9th Ave in search of dinner. We ate at one of his favorite places, the Pita Grill (; it was tasty! We snagged a table right on the curb, too, so we could people-watch while we ate. NYC never disappoints in that aspect.

While chatting, Uncle Jim realized I have yet to see his favorite places in Central Park, so the theme of the evening was easily decided. I saw so many pretty things: the Bethesda Fountain, a little castle, the Shakespeare Garden, the Boat House, and so many other little seemingly hidden places. In the Shakespeare Garden there was a “whispering bench” which was so neat! If you bring a friend, and each sit It was built with the perfect curve so that the sound can travel to the other side.

At the Boat House, you can rent row boats and take them out for about $6 an hour, which is definitely in my budget! I’m adding that to my bucket list before it gets too cold; the area would be beautiful to row around! We explored a few more areas and then wandered back to Columbus Circle, but stopped at “Baked by Melissa” before I got back on the train ( They have the tastiest mini cupcakes! Try one sometime. They’re bite-sized, so you’re allowed two (or three)….

So, that leaves me here, completely exhausted, yet again. Tomorrow, I’m going to run some errands and prep my meals for the week, because the day after that is Friday!

View from Uncle Jim’s Rooftop


Bethesda Fountain
The Whispering Bench
Baked by Melissa Cupcakes

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