Twenty Miles and TV Shows

September 10, 2013

What I thought was going to be a boring, lonely day turned out to be one of the most exciting yet! I slept in a little this morning, because I could, chatted with our housekeeper Camelia over breakfast, and decided to head into Bryant Park, since I have yet to explore that area.

I knew Bryant Park wasn’t huge, but after realizing there wasn’t really much to do in the park alone, I walked over to 5th Ave. A girl with a clear agenda should never be allowed to wander down 5th. Luckily, I only bought clothes from one store called Joe Fresh. Everything in there was super cute and really reasonably priced! Tomorrow night I’m making it my mission to call the two other Joe Fresh stores in the city, because I saw a perfect skirt but they were sold out of my size…

Anyway, after shopping and trying to keep my wallet closed, I walked back to 42nd street and was lucky enough to find a Hale and Hearty (they have the best salad bar and oatmeal raisin cookies)! I sat in Bryant Park for a while watching a bocce tournament while I ate. It was funny to watch all of these older, really intense men trying to win their game of bocce. Everyone around got really into it!

After eating it was almost 4 o’clock and I was going to head back to the Bronx until I realized I would have nothing to do for the rest of the night. I really need some friends around here…. So I decided to head down 42nd street, through Times Square, for the Chelsea Piers. I was there last week and they were so pretty! At that point, my legs were extremely tired, so I found a nice bench overlooking the Hudson and soaked up the sun for a little while. It was the perfect temperature and the breeze coming from the water felt wonderful! A bunch of people walk their dogs over there, too, which of course makes me happy.

Once I realized I was pretty far away from any train station and had no idea what bus to take, I chose a random street to walk down heading towards the train near Kleinfeld. Well… Today must have been my lucky day, because I walked right into Law and Order SVU being filmed! Grace and Cynthia were both saying how badly they wanted to see a filming of that, so I couldn’t help but hang around for a little while to watch for them. (I saw one actor, although I don’t believe he is a main one.)

After being nosy for a little while, I headed down the street and had to push my way through mobs of models and paparazzi… I have no idea what was going on! I’d imagine it had something to do with Fashion Week, but who knows. One thing is for sure; I’m glad I’m not famous, the cameras were super annoying. So, I kept wandering and came across a gas station that they were filling in with sod to make grassy hills with gas pumps in between… I’d think it was for a photo shoot or something but it was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. That was undoubtedly the most eventful mile of my time here so far!

I finally made it back to the Bronx without anything else too exciting happening. I have to say, having a free, unlimited metro card really rocks. I can go anywhere and not have to worry about paying every time I get on the train! Now if only this pounding headache would go away…

Lunch @ Bryant Park
Hudson River

Law & Order SVU

Gas Station Field

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