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Two Days, One Post

September 3, 2013

Hello! Yesterday wasn’t full of too much excitement, so I figured I would combine those adventures with today’s post.

Yesterday, Jackie’s brother, who is a freshman at the University of New Haven, came for a visit. Despite the muggy, muggy, muggy heat, we headed into the city, this time choosing Central Park. We made a pit stop at the Sony building, where Jackie will be interning starting tomorrow (GOOD LUCK!) and then wandered around in the wrong direction for a minute until heading to Central Park. It was such a pretty environment! There were so many puppies, which made me happier than most people would understand, and the people there all seemed very relaxed and laid back. The park kind of takes you out of the city environment.

After my blisters got too painful to handle, we wandered up to the Chess and Checkers House, and the ladies working there were nice enough to hand me some band-aids. The “house” was really cute! There were a few tables of… I’ll let you guess…. chess and checker boards! Jackie and her brother sat down to start a game, but never finished. I left a nice donation to say thank you for the band-aids ;).

Anyway, we wandered around a little more in the park, and actually ended up finding a group of men in something along the lines of a dance roller-skating association. It was so neat!! Most of the men were old, which made it even better, because it was so fun to watch them all get into it! I can’t roller skate, let alone dance while doing so, so it made for impressive entertainment! One of the men even skated with a water bottle balancing on his head — too cool.

Today was filled with icky weather again, but the day was wonderful regardless! I took advantage of the free kayaking on the Hudson River, which is something I HIGHLY recommend ( The area in which you’re allowed to kayak wasn’t too large, but it was free, so there’s not too much to complain about! Like I said, I definitely recommend it, so if you’re in the area, go check it out! They didn’t even ask for a donation and I was totally willing to leave one.

After that, we wandered to Chelsea Market via the High Line (which is that old freight train walkway that I went to in the beginning of the week). I had chicken tacos from Los Tacos which were delicious! Since it started to rain, the market got crowded, so we ate sitting down, and therefore, naturally, I got guacamole everywhere. Whoops. Then, I treated myself to some delicious gelato (also in Chelsea Market); even more delicious! Did you know: because of the way it is made (more milk than cream), gelato has less fat than ice cream? Now you can feel better about eating it…

OH! And for my favorite part of the day… I’m in Penn Station, trying to get my Maps app to stop crashing on my phone so I could figure out where to go, and I notice a curious onlooker over my right shoulder. Anyway, this onlooker approaches me and says “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I need to tell you that you’re incredibly beautiful.” Despite my utter disinterest, the guy, who ended up being named Billy, asked a few friendly questions, believed my name was Daisy (he heard me wrong), and begged me to put his number in my phone so he could take me out to dinner. I felt bad turning him down, but props to Billy, he made my day and left me with a great story.

Now, I’m back at home after deciding to make a spontaneous visit. It’s nice having a quick, cheap, and easy way to get home! I’m heading back either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning, and then I have only a few more days until I begin my internship! As if I haven’t said this enough already… I cannot wait!

Chicken Tacos from Los Tacos
Chelsea Market Gelato


View of Hudson River from Chelsea Piers


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