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Welcome to Little Italy!

September 1, 2013

Once again, I’m too full for my own good. I need to stop eating so much, but it’s hard when delicious restaurants are on every corner! I’m looking forward to getting into a normal routine so I stop eating like a crazy person. But, on the other hand, any normal person turns into a crazy person in Little Italy.

Today, Jackie and I decided to pick a place on the map where we have yet to see, and find our way in! We left around 4 o’clock, hoping we read the subway map right. After a pretty uneventful trip, we ended up in Chinatown and walked a few blocks into Little Italy. It was beautiful! While it’s impossible to capture the magic of the real Italy, Little Italy did a pretty good job. The streets are closed off so you’re able to walk in the middle of the road and try to choose between what must have been a hundred of Italian restaurants. Jackie and I ended up choosing “Giovanna’s,” partially because it looked cute and partially because I couldn’t wait to use the bathroom any longer (I drink so much water).

I ordered a bowl of Pasta Regina, which was penne noodles in a pink sauce with peas, prosciutto, and mushrooms. So delicious. Jackie got a pizza. The service there was mediocre — they brought out my pasta a good ten minutes before Jackie’s pizza came out, so we had to sit and wait — but other than that, lunch was really enjoyable! We sat right along the street which made for a perfect people watching spot. The outfit choices here are really interesting. Apparently anything goes.

After eating and wandering through the rest of Little Italy, we managed to find SoHo and check out a few shops! The area was really neat. There’s a bunch of clothing shops, some that are common like Tommy Hilfiger and Guess, and then there were the smaller shops. On our way to find the train to head back, I noticed a neon pink arrow pointing to an open doorway. On first thought, I was guessing we found a SoHo strip club. The pink arrow lead Jackie and I up a bunch of stairs; we considered texting somewhere our whereabouts before we entered, but as any smart college girls would do, we decided to just go for it.

Anyway, the place turned out to be a neat, hole-in-the-wall type place called “Kiosk.” The owners of the shop travel around New York and find different types of trinkets, jewelry, etc. by artists who are not well known, and display/sell them in the shop. They rotate their collection every 4-6 months. We walked in just as the man was closing the store, but he let us in really quick and told us not to disturb anything. So, we kept our hands to ourselves and looked really fast, but I would love to go back and look around some more.

Finally, after buying Mom some neat plates in some funky, artsy store, and seeing a man peeing on the sidewalk, we made it to Spring Street and took the train home. We somehow managed not to get lost in either direction (despite the fact that our bus didn’t stop where we normally get off, but we recovered from that well).

Good news: I’m starting to get a hang of this whole city-living thing.

Lunch at Giovanna’s


Kiosk entrance


Kiosk entrance


Inside Kiosk


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