Who Needs White When You’ve Got Red?

September 15, 2013

Last night, I was laying in bed and was actually super bummed that I didn’t have time to blog about my day! When I was almost back at the house, I saw Jackie, Grace, and her boyfriend Adam walking towards me to head to Union Square. I changed out of my all black attire and went in with them to grab a late dinner. It was such a nice night, I’m so glad I caught them!

Anyway, work yesterday was one odd day. I mean… really odd. I’ll just chat about two of our brides. First of all, I was placed with Camille, who you would all know from SYTTD (she has a very distinctive look).. During one of our appointments, with a bride we’ll call Sam, the communication in the room was really struggling. Sam didn’t provide any information as to what she was interested in, and after quietly responding with “yes” to every question we asked, she gave us with a budget between $2,000 and $3,000.

So, with no limitations besides price, Camille and I went into the stock room to pull gowns. When we got back into the room, before Sam even saw the dresses, she said “my mom raised my budget, I can go up to $10,000.” ..Huh? Inmedietly after that, the appointment seemed fishy. Regardless, we went out to pull more dresses, and Sam was loving every one. When she was out on the floor, Sam pointed to a beautiful Mark Zunino dress that’s priced at $12,500 and her mom agreed that she could try it on.

For a while, the MZ became Sam’s favorite dress, but her mother pulled Camille aside and said there’s no way she would be able to afford it… After all of that confusion, we placed her in a simple lace dress that came out to be somewhere around $2,600, and she left empty handed. I have no idea what happened there.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next appointment was with a southern woman and her fiancée. I’ll refer to her as Wendy. Wendy strutted in with her hair teased into some sort of Mohawk and explained her love for bling and the “wow” factor. With no budget to be respectful of, Camille and I headed over to the Pnina boutique and pulled a few dresses, one of them being red based on the brides request. This red gown had one shoulder with huge rose designs made by the fabric, a ruched middle, and the same large rose design on the bottom. Very long story short, Wendy fell in love with the dress, and although she left with saying “yes” to it, she was very disappointed that her fiancée did not get her another silver Pnina as well.

Phew. Anyway, today I worked with Kathy for most of the day, and she was very enjoyable, but both of us were SO exhausted! One of our brides said “yes” to a beautiful Anne Barge lace dress with a blush colored underlay. She looked so elegant and left very happy! Our last appointment didn’t go to well, to be honest. At that point, Kathy and I were way too tired and had no lunch break, and the bride was envisioning a dress that didnt exist at Kleinfeld.

Kathy let me do a lot on my own today, which was really great. I was able to choose a few dresses and was left to work with a bride alone during the last few minutes of her appointment. Needless to say, I am so glad I don’t need to go to work tomorrow, because my feet have never been this tired!

P.S. Sorry for no pictures, I’m typing this on my phone on the train ride home!

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