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October 1, 2013

I never thought I would be able to stand for so many hours in a row, ever. I’m getting really good at it, too!

Today turned out to be a really awesome day! I woke up at 6 o’clock to get ready and meet a “new friend,” Alyssa, at Penn Station. Our parents are friends and my Dad mentioned that she would love the chance to visit Kleinfeld one day… so the chance I gave! After finding and meeting each other, Alyssa and I started walking towards work on 20th Street in search for breakfast. We played it safe with Panera, and I ordered the trusty four cheese egg soufflĂ© with a yogurt parfait. Over breakfast, Alyssa and I chatted about our lives and she was awesome! I’m so glad to have made a new friend. I introduced her to David’s Tea, too, and I think she’s as in love as I am.

Anyway, we made it to Kleinfeld by 10, ready for a day of filming the opening of “Say Yes To the Dress,” as well as other fluff for the next season that will air around Springtime. At first, I was placed into a mermaid Mark Zunino gown that was too big and incredibly unflattering on me. My job was to pretend to be shopping along the side wall with a “friend.” The film crew took many sweeping shots of the whole store that was filled with other people dressed as brides, consultants, and entourages, and after several takes, we all switched positions. I was able to change back into my regular street clothes, and act as an entourage on a couch for one of the “brides” who actually has a real dress appointment with Allison in early October! She was awesome, I know the two of them will get along well.

After two hours of filming, we took a break for lunch. TLC provided delicious fresh wraps, fruits, and some yummy pastries for us all. Alyssa and I snuck out for another tea break after eating. When we came back, I was asked to change into all black to play “consultant.” Basically, everyone moved around and acted out different emotions under the orders of the film crew. One of the crew members, Jonathon, showed us a bunch of the shots he got, which were really awesome! He was filming them in all slow motion, and was really trying to focus on the flow of different dress materials. For example, he filmed one shot where I was fluffing out the train of Helen’s gown, and the material looked so amazing flowing in slow motion!

There was certainly some stress throughout the day, but overall it was really awesome! In the end, I was able to put on a different Mark Zunino gown that actually fit, and filmed a few shots with Jonathon. It’ll be really fun to see everything from today cut in throughout the next season! Maybe I’ll be in a bit more than the background anyway! I’m really lucky to have made a new friend today, and to be interning with such great people. NYC really couldn’t be any better. I don’t know how I’m going to leave!

David’s Tea

Some of the Gowns & Girls

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