Apple Cider Short and Sweet

October 4, 2013

Red Jacket Orchards Apple Cider. Have it and you will never want to drink anything else, ever. Holy cow… Now all I need are sweet potato pancakes and Dad’s peanut butter cinnamon mix. It’s really feeling like fall!

This morning, I made a rare, quick decision on my tea for the day, and went for Pumpkin Chai, since I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It was really tasty, but I did feel like I wanted to stir it with a cinnamon stick or something for a warmer flavor. I also bought one of the dark chocolate and flax breakfast cookies, which is becoming an addiction as well, and convinced another tea drinker to try it… That should mean a free tea for me again, right?

Today, I was paired to work with Barbara, who I haven’t been with before. The day was pretty bland, to be honest, but Barbara only stays until 5, so I got to get out after only four appointments! That was a nice treat. None of our appointments said “yes” to a dress; they all had lower budgets and most of the dresses Barbara chose to pull were above their price points. I enjoy working with consultants I’ve never worked with before, though, because everyone pulls different dresses, and it’s nice to “meet” new ones when working with a different consultant.

For whatever reason, my mind started wandering, and I had the most sentimental train ride back to the Bronx. I wish I had more exciting things to say, but unless I make something up, that’s about it! I’m watching Parenthood then heading off to bed, and enjoying every single second of my apple cider. Really, though, try it. It can be found at Whole Foods!

Here’s a picture of me and my family that I was looking at today and feel like sharing… Miss them every second!

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