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Bittners in the Bronx

October 16, 2013

Yesterday, I had Mom and Dad in the city to celebrate their 24th anniversary! It was a great day; after they arrived around noon, I showed Dad around my Bronx home, and we walked to the D train to head into Manhattan. First, I brought them to David’s Tea (of course) and they were much better at deciding the flavor they wanted than I usually am. I tried a hot Oh Canada, Mom had a hot Mom’s Apple Pie, and Dad got an iced Lime Gelato (it tasted EXACTLY like a lime gelato). I also got some loose Guava Cadabra to go, and there’s now a huge pitcher of it in my fridge.

We spent the afternoon exploring Chelsea Market and The Highline (truly my favorite places in the city), and found a really awesome art show in the process that was promoting local NYC artists. I fell absolutely in love with one girl who looked like she was straight out of Gossip girl. She had a bunch of really cute paintings on note cards and bigger canvases, and I ended up emptying part of my bank account for some NYC inspired prints. It was totally worth it. Check her things out at

Mom, Dad, and I made a mess eating chicken tacos from Los Tacos, which is a delicious taco place in the market, and then wandered The Highline for a good mile or so. We made a mandatory gelato stop, and then headed back into the Bronx to get home. It was great having them! When I got home, I found out that Amanda was still here, so I spent the rest of the night sampling different foods and chatting with her, Joyce, and Eric about life.

This morning, I continued my dose of girl talk over breakfast with Caity at Crazy Beans. It was delicious as always, and was so great to see her! After a somewhat stressful afternoon, I headed to Cedar Beach to soak up the sun and clear my head. I will never not live near the water. It’s too peaceful and perfect to be far away from.

My night was spent making a vegan dinner for Mom, Dad, and I, which they ate with some hesitation, but claimed to like in the end. I just finished baking treats and am considering baking more, and I head back into the Bronx tomorrow afternoon. I have a midterm which I need to study for, and then I have to get back into the swing of normal work weeks. I’m anxiously awaiting the time in my life when I get paid vacations…

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