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Bridal Snob in the Making

October 14, 2013

As if the title of this post doesn’t tell it all, I’m totally becoming a bridal snob. I analyze every wedding ring I see, every dress a woman wears on her day, and critique every adorable wedding engagement video I see on YouTube and Facebook. I’m just saying, if I get proposed to with a boring ring…..

Anyway, I just finished breakfast with a banana that wasn’t ripe enough and am waiting for Mom and Dad to get their butts up to the Bronx! It’s their 24th year anniversary today and they took off of work to come spend the day! Dad hasn’t seen my Bronx home yet, since he didn’t come to move me in, and neither of the pair have been to the city with me, so I’m really excited! Being able to spend the day with their daughter is a good enough present, right? 😉

Yesterday was a total chill day for me. Afer getting back to the Bronx around 5:30 PM, I just straightened up my room and relaxed until Grace came back from MA and we chatted for a while. I love girl talk. Work on Saturday was a busy day! I was placed with Judith, once again, and we ended up with great brides. Four out of the five appointments said “yes” to a dress that looked great on them, and I helped with some comeback brides of the other consultants that said “yes” as well! During the final appointment, I was pulled to help a bride we’ll call Emma who was coming back from that morning to retry on a dress she loved. Her consultant, Emily, needed to leave early to see her sister’s play in Boston, so I helped Emma into a beautiful Reem Acra dress that she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Emma was originally from upstate NY and has recently moved to CA with her fiancée (I’m kind of jealous)!

After work, I ran back to the Bronx to change and then headed to Penn Station to meet up with a friend that I work with at the pool store over the summer. We headed into Brooklyn and had a mini pool store reunion at someone else’s house. It was so great to get out of the Bronx and meet new people! We all headed to IHOP the next morning for breakfast, which was greatly regretted later, and spent the morning watching football. I was a pretend boy for the morning, I suppose.

Tonight, I’m heading back to LI with my parents and am seeing one of my best friends for breakfast tomorrow morning! More girl talk is on the menu…

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