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October 9, 2013

Dinner at nine o’clock is better than no dinner at all! Today I experienced one of Kleinfeld’s Blowout Sales, where brides line up to get numbers and we open up the store to sell sample dresses at a crazy discount. Based on Kleinfeld’s twitter, the first bride was in line by 6:45 this morning, and the sale started at three. I guess she really wanted a wedding dress.

I woke up this morning, brought caramel apple bites to my “people” at my summer job, and headed to Ronkonkoma to catch a noon train into Penn. After stopping at David’s Tea for an iced Guava Cadabra (one of my favorites), I got to Kleinfeld just on time. It was weird seeing the store ready for the sale; the floor that is usually filled with mirrors and couches was filled with rows of dresses in bags with red price tags on them.

We started a few minutes before 3 and were all prepped for craziness. My job, as an intern, was basically to bring brides to the room of the consultant they would be with. Each bride could only bring in three dresses at a time and one other person if they wished, and each consultant would have two brides in their room. The brides could stay as long as they wanted in order to find their dress. The blowout sale is a lot less personal than a regular appointment; instead of building a connection and searching for the perfect dress, the consultants are more there to help the bride get in and out of each gown.

Tess (another intern) and I spent most of the day hauling dresses to different rooms and chatting about our lives. The sale FLEW by, and according to the consultants, was not nearly as busy as usual (there were only a little over 100 brides). Oh, also, the brides were let in in waves, not all at once.

Anyway, I got back to the Bronx around 8 and forced myself to make dinner before sitting down. My Brussels sprouts tasted extra delicious though… I’m glad I have a day off tomorrow, even though I had a bit of an extended weekend, and plan on spending the rest of the night watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Also, I’m totally not resisting the caramel apple I have in my pocketbook.

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