Bronx Lessons

October 3, 2013

Today, I’m going to share a few Bronx-based lessons:

1. Whether you need to shower, didn’t do your makeup, or are wearing the same shirt you slept in, someone will always call you “sexy mami.” So don’t worry about your appearance. No need.
2. If you aren’t watching out for poop, you will step in it. A fine does not deter everyone from letting their dog shit on the sidewalk.
3. When you help someone out, even in the smallest way, they will send you off with a “God bless” and one of the warmest smiles.
4. If you don’t have a Metrocard or don’t want to pay for the bus, use the Select Bus. There are too many prepaid people boarding to notice.

This morning, I woke up early, despite the fact that I didn’t set an alarm, and did some much needed straightening up in my room. After working out, I headed downstairs to make breakfast, and ended up chatting with Camelia for a while. She noticed that I sprayed my pan with coconut oil, so my veggies didn’t stick, and began telling me everything they would do with coconuts in her country. She was so excited to speak about it all, and it was so interesting to hear! I gave her my unopened can of coconut oil, since I was heading to the store later anyway, because she mentioned that she’s been unable to find it anywhere.

During breakfast, Hope, Cynthia’s older daughter, wandered into the dining room and put her arms up to me. She’s been looking for extra attention ever since Cynthia had Madison; she’s not used to having to share her mom! Anyway, I cuddled her while trying to eat my delicious breakfast burrito, and she ended up falling asleep on my lap for a few minutes.

Eventually, I headed into Manhattan to stop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s by way of David’s Tea, of course. The guy that gave me free tea from yesterday recognized me, so hopefully that means more free tea more often! Another worker helped me with my ritual tea decision making conversation, and I ended up with an iced “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which was fruity and delicious! There’s a Pumpkin Chai flavor that I have been dying to try, but I want it warm, and that wouldn’t really pair up well with today’s 80 degree weather…

I somehow managed to make it through the long cashier lines and lug my million pounds of groceries back to the Bronx without passing out. Class tonight was fine. I got good grades on both my paper and my quiz from last week, so I think that deserves some sort of celebration…

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