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October 2, 2013

Today ended up being a really great day at work. I was exhausted, needless to say, but I managed to wake up early enough to stop at David’s Tea. Because there are too many flavors there and I’m awful at making decisions, I always ask the workers to help me decide. During our decision making conversation, the man helping me pulled out two teas for me to smell, and I laughed, telling him that those were the exact two teas that I got during my two visits to David’s yesterday. After choosing a guava flavored one, and asking for it iced, the worker told me the tea was on him today… How nice!

Anyway, Angel Sanchez is at Kleinfeld this week for his trunk show, and we learned about a few of his gowns at this mornings project knowledge meeting. He began his career as an architect which is very apparent in the design of each gown. I was placed to work with Ingrid, who I have never been with before, and what a hectic morning it was.

Ingrid was asked to show up early this morning, because one of her brides from Argentina who had been there Friday was coming back to be measured for a gown. This bride had been there for an hour already by the time I got to Ingrid, and had been just staring at herself in the mirror at different angles. Because Ingrid had an appointment at 10:30, we moved the bride into the room of a consultant who was not in today, and went to get the other bride, who was looking for a stock dress, since her wedding is in December.

I spent the first appointment slot going back and forth between both brides, keeping an eye on the one who came extra early, and helping Ingrid as much as I could with the other bride. After another HOUR of staring at herself, the first bride decided she wanted to order the gown, and I went to find Joan to measure her. To end the story of my long, drawn out morning, the bride finally left after being in the store for two and a half hours.

After lunch, Ingrid and I took a short appointment early, and had about two hours to do nothing. During that time, Ingrid told me about her history with Kleinfeld. She began as a stock girl about eight years ago, and after six months of working, was moved down into the evening wear section that no longer exists. Eventually, Ingrid was promoted to Assistant Manager of evening wear, and finally, when the section was shut down, she was moved upstairs as a Bridal Consultant. That conversation ended up turning into a conversation about how she came to the United States from Guatemala, and it was honestly the most interesting and intriguing conversation I have had with anyone I’ve met in New York so far. I won’t share Ingrid’s life story with the internet, but it was amazing and gave me so many goose bumps and left me feeling so appreciative of what I have.

Now I’m here in the Bronx, chatting with Grace and feeling so happy that I have off tomorrow! I have no plans, aside from class at night, so who knows what I’ll do…

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