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October 11, 2013

I should never have purchased the pumpkin ice cream from Trader Joe’s because now I cannot stop eating it. Plop some on a GF waffle with cinnamon and try to stop, I dare you.

Yesterday, I really did nothing. I wish I could say I had an exciting day, because I’m in the city and should do exciting things, but I sat in my favorite spot in the living room by the front window and watched too many TV episodes on Netflix. I started to regret it around 4:30 when I realized I did nothing with my day and had two hours until class, but at that point it was too late to do anything different anyway. Oh well! Relaxing was great and class was interesting.

This morning, I woke up extra early, made myself tea, breakfast, and another breakfast for tomorrow. I’d say I was rather productive. Since it was gloomy out and rain was on the forecast, I sported my rain boots, coat, and bubble umbrella to the bus stop (it ended up not raining, but at least I was prepared…). I was paired to work with Judith again, who I’ve been with before, and the day was a typical day with Judith.

Our first bride came in with a lower budget and was looking for a lace gown with straps. Judith was pretty confident in saying that there would be no dresses in her price range that met those qualifications, but she managed to find a few, and the bride’s favorite gown was a Marisa that I chose! Since Kleinfeld was her first stop, the bride, who we’ll call Tiffany, didn’t feel right saying “yes” without looking at other gowns. She ended up coming back during our last appointment and purchasing! Tiffany was really appreciative of my help, too, which was nice.

The second appointment was pretty funny… The bride, Sara, came in with two photos from the Kleinfeld website of lace gowns with bateau necklines that she was interested in. She had been shopping at another bridal shop previously and had an idea of what she liked. Judith put Sara into the Alvina Valenta gown she asked to see, and Sara immediately loved it. We had her try on the other gown, which didn’t compare, and Sara put back on the first gown and said “yes” right away! It was the fastest sale I’ve ever seen! The appointment, including reviewing and signing the contract, was over within 25 minutes, and since it was the appointment before lunch, I was once again lucky enough to get an extra long break.

Despite my morning efforts to save money on tea (by the way, I will gladly accept a David’s Tea gift card from anyone), I headed over to my third home and ordered a hot tea. My tea friend was working and made me a delicious Mom’s Apple Pie tea sweetened with maple agave. I never sweeten my tea, but the thought of it seemed too good. I also sampled a tea called Oh Canada, which tasted like maple syrup, in other words, amazing, and was advised by my tea friend to mix it with the tea called Forever Nuts. Apparently it tastes like french toast. I’ll need to buy those teas so I can make that for myself sometime really soon…

The rest of the appointments went well. Both girls bought gowns and were really happy and nice the whole time. One of them purchased a Kleinfeld exclusive Dennis Basso dress that was new to the store from the runway show last night. I was looking for a picture online but didn’t see one. Judith left before the final appointment, so I scouted out Tess and Rita, who I was sure didn’t have an appointment. Sure enough, I found them in Rita’s room, so I joined the life conversation. Rita is too funny. Her older age mixed with her Italian ways makes her advice rather unhelpful, but it is so fun to listen to her and chat.

After work, I headed to the Fordham gym with Jackie for the first time since I’ve been here and saw some really strange people. We ate a late dinner, freaked out about the bug in my bathroom, and now I’m watching Parenthood while writing this so my mom doesn’t suffer from blog withdrawals. I desperately need to go food shopping and get a massage, but I need a paying job too, so I guess the massage will have to wait…

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