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My Favorite Proposal Yet

October 26, 2013

From bed at 6 AM, I am writing this to share the cutest proposal story ever…

Our bride, Cara, worked as a writer for a magazine (I believe) and often had to meet up with a man in her field to discuss work. One night, a few too many drinks caused one thing to lead to another… Anyway, this guy (Rob) ended up asking Cara out on a date and four days later they met up for dinner. At this date, Rob handed Cara a letter in a sealed envelope and made her promise to bring it everywhere with her, but not open it until she was told to. So, everywhere Cara went, the letter went. Cara and Rob took photos with the letter on vacations, brought it to dinners, etc. For a while, Cara thought the letter was going to be a cheesy way for Rob to say I love you.

Well, after about a year and a half, Cara and Rob and the letter went on vacation somewhere pretty (I can’t remember) and when Cara got home, she realized the letter didn’t come home with her. Hysterical, Cara called the hotel, the airline, and her best friend in a panic that the letter went missing. It had such a sentimental value to her after a year and a half, and even though she had no idea what was written in it, she knew she needed it back.

The next morning, Cara met Rob and his mom for brunch at some fancy NYC hotel, puffy eyes and all, still in disbelief that she had finally lost the letter. After sitting down, the waiter came over to take breakfast orders and was carrying a single envelope on his platter. He offered the letter to Cara, the same letter she had thought she lost from Rob, and inside it said “Cara, I would ask you to marry me today, but you may find it weird after only 4 days. Now, after waiting for all this time, will you marry me?”.

Cutest story ever? Cara was covered in goosebumps when she shared the story, and so was I — goosebumps and jealousy! She was such a sweet woman with a great story, and I’m so glad I was able to work with her.

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