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Seth Meyers, Stinky Feet, and Subway Fights

October 25, 2013

While on the treadmill tonight, I was trying really hard to think of a single, clever adjective that would perfectly describe my day. I failed and decided on settling with saying that my day was anything short of boring. Well, with some exceptions anyway.

This morning, I was placed to work with Erika, who I have only been with for one appointment a few weeks ago. Our first appointment was pretty uneventful, but our bride was so nice and funny, and her family members were as well. She was looking for a dress within the $2,000 to $3,000 range, and left saying she needed to think about making the commitment to a Dina Davos dress. I guess we can consider my second appointment to be boring, because I can’t even remember it.

Oh, also, Seth Meyers was at Kleinfeld today. That literally means nothing to me, considering I had to Google who he is, but I’m sure there are some people who find that exciting. For those of you who don’t know, Seth Meyers is a writer for Saturday Night Live and does some other acting things. Anyway, today, a war veteran who was injured in Afghanistan was coming to be filmed for SYTTD and she apparently loves Seth Meyers. Rumors from the stock room told me that Seth went to visit her when she was in the hospital after she left Afghanistan, and was there this morning to surprise her. Too bad it wasn’t someone more exciting, like… Channing Tatum.

Lunch was too short, as usual, because just as I get into a good conversation with the other girls it’s time to head back upstairs. Our third and fourth appointments seemed extra long, and I would have definitely been happy without having a fifth. Erika and I were given a bride who is getting married on November 20th, and therefore we needed to raid the stock room for dresses that she would be able to take home today. Our bride, Megan, came with her sister and was dressed like a pilgrim. Her armpit hair was about as long as my eyelashes, and I think she really needed to wash her feet, but she ended up leaving with a beautiful, simple Peter Langer gown.

Now, the commute home was by far the strangest commute I have had yet. Despite the overabundance of people heading home at 6:45, I managed to find a seat on the train, and immediately realized I had walked into a rather active cart. Sitting one row away was an elderly Japanese couple, and the wife was yelling, loudly, at her husband who sat with his hands in his lap, not saying a word. You didn’t need to know Japanese to know that this woman was cursing him out big time…

I listened for a solid twenty minutes, wishing I had a translator, and realized that the entire train cart was thinking the same thing. Everyone began to chit chat, trying to come up with theories as to what was going on, and giving their opinions about how there is a right time for everything, and that the middle of a crowded train may not be the best place to curse out your husband, regardless of the language you speak. Anyway, a group of three teenage girls walked on the train after a while and seemed rather amused by this yelling woman. One of the girls ended up loudly making fun of the woman and her comments started to get a bit out of hand.

I guess at some point the yelling lady thought the same thing (although I don’t think she spoke any English) because she smacked one of the girls on the arm. The loud mouth girl ended up stopping anything from furthering, but continued to yell at the woman, threatening and making fun of her. Despite all of this, the woman continued to curse out her husband in Japanese. Finally, the girls went to get off the train, and the lady smacked the girl in the face. Now, no good Bronx girl would let that go, so she kicked the woman, and all hell broke loose.

The girls ran off the train, and the husband held the lady so she couldn’t follow. She was still cursing, by the way. As we began to pull away from the stop, the lady ran to the back of the train and pulled the emergency brake, which just made everyone start yelling. After the conductor came out of his compartment, the lady laid down on the floor (I think she was pretending to have passed out) and everyone was held on the train. Eventually, we were kicked off and stranded at the station for a good half hour. Anyone who knows me knows that’s a big issue, considering I pee every 40 minutes.

Anyway, we were allowed back on the train at some point, and I made it back to the Bronx unharmed. I’m dog tired, but ate only about an hour and a half ago, and I have to wait until my laundry is done in the dryer. I’m hoping that’s soon…

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