Windy Monday Sun~

October 7, 2013

I’m sitting in one of my favorite spots (my back porch) and wondering how much longer I’ll last here until this crazy wind blows me away. Two umbrellas have already taken the fall, along with one patio chair, and my dogs Frisbee came flying back and almost hit me in the face. It’s a bit much, but I wouldn’t trade this spot for anything in the world right now… Except maybe a nice tropical beach.

Anyway, work has been good the past few days, and I took off yesterday so I could head home for a mini visit. I got here Saturday night, ate a piece of steak for the first time in forever, and stayed up way too late. On Sunday morning, I woke up early and had breakfast at Crazy Beans with my best friend and part time soul mate, Amanda. Crazy Beans is the cutest little cafĂ© a few minutes away that serves breakfast and lunch and the most delicious frappuccinos you could imagine. I traded my usual chocolate peanut butter iced frap for a caramel apple pie latte (which put me into a sugar coma) paired with a breakfast quesadilla. Too, too delicious.

Breakfast ended up turning into lunch as Amanda and I sat by the window for about 3 hours talking about life and trying not to panic about how old we are… It seems like two years ago we were doing each others makeup and then getting embarrassed at the grocery store because we saw our crush’s mom. Disclaimer: that was third grade. Time really goes by so fast…

At some point we realized it was time to carry on with the day, and I went out shopping for fall treat supplies with Mom. We ended up gallivanting out to Riverhead where I spent too much money on socks (I couldn’t resist), and almost forgot about heading home in time to feed Dad dinner. I had a perfect night with fall sangria, caramel apple making, friends, and ultimately kicking everyone’s ass in Rummikub.

Now, here I am, back to my windy porch. I’m getting my hair cut in an hour, which hopefully goes well, and then I’ll probably eat one of those chocolate caramel apples that I’ve slaved over (with Mom’s much needed help).

Crazy Beans Breakfast

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