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A Few Days Rolled into One

November 20, 2013

I haven’t blogged for days, and I’m pretty sure Mom will start to resent me if I miss another post… On the bright side, that means I’ve been super busy and haven’t sat around on my butt long enough to write.

The past few days at Kleinfeld have been great! I worked with Rosaria again and ended up choosing the dress that the bride said “yes” to, which is always so rewarding! Our bride, Nora, was getting married on the beach in Punta Cana and used the words “hippy” and “bohemian” to describe the style she was going for. I immediately thought of this beautiful dress by Temperley that I want my roommate to get married in (maybe one day) and showed it to Rosaria. She had never seen the gown before and thought I was kind of crazy, but allowed me to pull it anyway. After trying on a few other gowns, we put Nora in the Temperley, and she instantly fell in love. The dress is so pretty and bohemian and absolutely perfect to wear barefoot on the beach.

I’m envious of Nora, by the way. Beach wedding brides are my FAVORITE to work with. As any girl, I’ve dreamed about my wedding since I was little, and always imagined myself getting married on the beach. Nora’s venue was breathtaking and she looked amazing in the gown.

I also spent a day working with Camille, and it was definitely interesting. Camille is such a nice, warmhearted person, so she’s really great to work with. After lunch, she had an appointment with a comeback bride, and after trying to remember who she was, began cracking up. The bride, who we’ll call Christine, was 58 years old, had previously come with her mom, and changed into a different bra and pair of stockings before each dress. According to Camille’s description, I was in for an experience. I guess Christine decided one pair of tights was sufficient enough for the second time around, but she did change her bra depending on the gown we had on. At the end of the appointment, she insisted on taking my picture and sending it to her 26 year old nephew in California. She was sure that we would make the perfect couple. I’ve always wanted to visit Cali and he was pretty cute looking…

Anyway, I’m happy to have off again tomorrow, although my entire day will be spent in the spot I’m in right now, considering I’m really great at putting off all homework that needs to be done. I should probably start tonight and spare myself the annoyance tomorrow, but a movie sounds better on all levels. I guess I should apologize to myself in advance.

Temperley Front

Temperley Back

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