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November 6, 2013

With every day that goes by, I get more and more bummed that my semester in the city is almost over! This is honestly the best thing I have ever done, and I couldn’t be any more grateful for the opportunity. I can’t wait to graduate and live in the city for real.

Yesterday, I had the most perfect, adventurous day! My friend, Brett, came into the city and we headed to Central Park. I love showing off the coolest and prettiest places there: the Belvedere Castle, the whispering bench, and Bethesda Fountain… If I was in the city over the summer, I can guarantee I would be there picnicking for lunch every day. It looks amazing now, though, with all of the trees turning different colors.

After walking around for hours and miles, Brett and I decided we were really hungry. I’d say I was forced into trying sushi, but I guess I was sort of willing. I don’t eat fish, and hate it based on the smell, so needless to say, I was really nervous.¬†Anyway, I ended up LOVING it, and now it’s my mission to get someone else to love sushi, too. I think I convinced Tess to join me for some next week (she’s never had any and has been nervous to try)…!

Sushi was followed by gelato from Chelsea Market, and despite the cold, we headed up to the High Line. They’re extending it all the way to meet the Hudson River which is going to be so beautiful; I can’t wait to see! Anyway, eventually, we ended up at Penn Station so Brett could catch a train back to Long Island, and that lead to our last minute decision to buy Rangers tickets and go to the game at Madison Square Garden! We got pretty good seats for a great price and it was so much fun. They lost 2-1 against the Anaheim Ducks. Quite honestly, it didn’t really matter to me whether they won or lost, but Dad might resent me for a minute if I said I was cheering for them.

Today was a pretty normal day at work. I had to go in early to help dress the models for an informal Pnina fashion show, and I’m so glad to say that my favorite gown is back in the shop! Pnina has this beautiful dress from her new collection that I’ve been dying to try on, and when I finally got the chance to, the dress was M.I.A. I searched for it for the next week, and it was never around, so I was convinced that Kleinfeld got rid of it. Anyway, it’s back in the store, and I’m excited for the chance¬†to put it on!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I have off! That also means I’ll stay up too late tonight doing something pointless and regret it when I’m extra tired on Thursday, but oh well. And, P.S. I’m attaching a picture of the little cactus plant I bought in Chelsea Market, because it’s too cute not to share. And it came named Lola…

Lola Plant


Rangers Game

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