Being Thankful

November 28, 2013

You know, I thinks it’s safe to say that we all take too many things for granted. Last night, while waiting at the airport to head to Florida, our flight was delayed, and of course I couldn’t help being slightly annoyed. But really, looking back, I’m grateful for the fact that I’m even able to spend this holiday in Florida, surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world.

I’m thankful for my family. I have the most supportive Mom and Dad in the universe who will accept me for whoever I become. You guys are my rocks and the reason I am who I am today. You both deserve endless thanks. To my brother, I’m thankful that you still love me even though my IQ is probably about half of yours. Thank you for the laughs and life lessons.

Grandma, I couldn’t be more thankful to have you as my soul shopper/partner in crime. I love you with my whole heart and couldn’t ask for a better inspiration. And to Grandma and Grandfather, thank you for raising such a strong family and providing me with the most amazing lessons that I will remember for life.

I’m thankful for my cousins. You guys are my best friends and I treasure every single second with you guys. And to my aunts and uncle, I couldn’t ask for a better family. I’m thankful for my old friends and my new friends. My little group of people will always be more than I could hope for.

And finally, I’m thankful for the past few months that I have spent in NYC.  I’ve had the most wonderful experiences here and have met the most amazing people.

I suppose after all of that, I should bite my tounge and not complain about it being chilly in Florida… It’s nice to see the sunshine, and going on a run through the palm trees is definitely a more enjoyable experience than being on a treadmill in the Bronx. I just finished spending the morning prepping some food with Gram and Mom, and were about to hop in the golf cart to meet up with the rest of the clan.

Don’t forget to set your scales back 10 LBS tonight!!

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