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Dinner at Sambuca

November 8, 2013

What is better than free food and wine? Nothing… Nothing at all. Last night, Ronnie and Mara, the owners of Kleinfeld, treated the interns out to dinner at Sambuca, a restaurant and wine bar right outside of Central Park (www.sambucanyc.com). The meal was four courses, and couldn’t have been more delicious. Everything was served family style. The interns all squeezed onto one table, and there were three other tables filled with Kleinfeld staff.

Course one consisted of salad, bruschetta, baked clams, and fried calamari. Tess and I decided that we had to try the clams and calamari (neither of us had ever had it) and it was actually really tasty! Course two was Penne alla Vodka and spaghetti with meatballs, followed by veal parmesan and chicken and sausage for meal three. Dessert was amazing, as I’m sure you could imagine. We had cannolis, tiramisu, and tartufo. It was so much fun to sit and chat with all of the interns; we never really get a chance to do so!

Today at work I was placed with Erika, who is one of my favorite consultants to work with. We always chat about life, and she always asks me for updates from the last time we spoke. She’s really too sweet. Anyway, we had two brides say “yes” today, although none of the appointments were too exciting. After lunch, we had an appointment with two friends who came from California. At first, Erika and I were pretty convinced she was under the influence of some sort of drug, but after talking to the bride a bit more, we found out that she was just super anxious to try on gowns and had a few too many glasses of sangria at lunch. Her wedding is set for February 22nd and she claimed to not have a solid budget. After two and a half hours of looking at dresses (our appointment ran way into the next slot), the bride fell in love with a beautiful, new Pnina made out of chantilly and alencon lace, but left saying she will probably be back tomorrow to be measured.

I’m going home this weekend, and am SO excited to cook apple pie, smoosh my dogs, and see my best friend and my cousin and my parents… I feel like I haven’t been home in a while!

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