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My Month Long Bucket List~

November 12, 2013

I’m really having a hard time accepting that it’s almost halfway through November already. I feel like time goes too fast when you don’t want it to… But, on the bright side, I’m so excited for the holidays and to be in the city when everything starts to get decorated! Here’s a mini bucket list that I have about a month to complete. Who wants to join?!

1. Get tickets at the TKTS booth for a Broadway show.
2. Go ice skating at one (or all) of the outdoor rinks.
3. See a movie at the Loews Theatre with reclining chairs.
4. Visit the High Line at night.
5. Shop the outdoor Christmas markets and buy pretty presents.
6. Walk through “The Mall” area in Central Park when there’s snow on the trees.
7. Visit the Bronx Botanical Gardens to see the train show.
8. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.
9. Museum hop.
10. See the tree all lit up and pretty.

Anyway, Saturday at work was chaos! I was placed to work with Judith, who I haven’t been with in a long time. The day was fine but the store was absolutely crazy. The heating system was messed up, so it was a good 80 degrees in the salon, and we were definitely overbooked for appointments. There were a ton of brides that came back to be measured for ordering their gown, too, so I was being pulled from a bunch of the appointments to help the comebacks.

One of the comeback brides I was pulled to work with, Morgan, was back to be remeasured. She ordered her gown in August, on my birthday actually, and knew she would be losing weight, so she wanted to return in a few months to get sized again. Since her wedding was far enough away when she ordered the gown, she was able to put a deposit down to hold the price, and we just had to wait to put the sizing order through until she came back. Luckily for Morgan, Lazaro, the designer of her gown, was at Kleinfeld for a trunk show, so she was able to meet him. Lazaro also draws a sketch for each bride that purchases one of his gowns; Morgan left with one of her in her bridal gown. It’s really awesome that he does that. I have yet to meet another designer that sketches for each bride, and you can tell how much they appreciate it.

The day at work ended up flying by and I headed home for a bit of a long weekend. Saturday night, Brett and I visited my cousin, Danny, at his work. He’s a bartender at Crickets in Sayville, so we had dinner and drinks and chatted. Sunday, I had breakfast with my friend Erin and got to see my best friend, Amanda. We went to the Stony Brook basketball game (her boyfriend, Eric, is on the team) and even though I had to sit next to the smelliest man ever, it was fun as always. And they won! I also went bowling for the first time in a while and baked three apple pies with mom. They were too delicious, and I’m doing whatever I can to not have another piece right now. Two in one day is a bit too much.

Tomorrow after work, Tess and I are going out to sushi! I’m so looking forward to my day off Wednesday, I could totally use a chill day..

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