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Paisley Monroe Meets 6th Ave

November 22, 2013

There are three things stopping me from having an emotional freak out right now:
1. Tomorrow night I’m going on a girl date with Tess.
2. Sunday night I get to see my long lost brother.
3. I am less than a week away from being in sunny Florida.

Tonight, I got home from work at 8, and after going to the gym, I began cooking dinner a little after 10:15, which means after watching my veggies cook for 10 minutes, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. Needless to say, eating undercooked vegetables for dinner at 10:30 can put you in a pretty crappy mood. Now, I’m sitting here with my head in a turban, letting my hair dry a little before I finish it with the hairdryer and pass out. It’s one of those nights where the little things are just getting to me.

Anyway, on a more positive note, today was a great day at work! I was paired with Ellie, who I haven’t been with in forever, so it was great to chit chat and catch up in the stock room while searching for dresses. Our first bride came with her mom and was super nice. She tried on a handful of dresses and ended up falling in love with a simple but architectural gown by Ramona Keveza that she said “yes” to. The second bride was incredibly in love with herself, which was actually enjoyable to watch, and left with another appointment scheduled for during Pnina’s next trunk show.

After lunch, the appointments kind of melted together, but the last appointment, however, was actually pretty neat. In the beginning of November, I was working one day with Renee when a bride named Paige said “yes” to a beautiful low back lace Pnina. It’s super showy and sexy, and I guess Paige, after a few days, decided it was too much for her wedding day. Anyway, she came back today to reselect a gown, and since Renee is on vacation, she was given to Ellie. It just so happened that I was with Ellie and therefore got to work with Paige again. We ended up custom designing an Anne Barge gown for her, combining the top of one dress with the bottom of another, and although her appointment ran super late, I’m really glad I was able to help with her again.

On my way to the subway after work, I was walking over a row of vents and my dress totally flew up, Marilyn Monroe style. Lucky for me, I didn’t realize what was happening for a few seconds. Hopefully the homeless men of 6th Ave sleep well tonight…

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