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Risky Buisness in Room 16

November 3, 2013

Happy November! I cannot believe this fall has gone by so fast! It really feels like summer ended a month ago, yet I have been living in NYC for over two months already, and only have a month and a half left… Where does the time go?

My week has been pretty busy, and I’m sure that my extreme exhaustion has made it seem more intense. Last night, I went to see the Lion King on Broadway with Cynthia, Jackie, and Grace, and I can’t even explain how amazing it was! I’ve been wanting to see the show forever, and am so glad that I finally got the chance. We made it with seconds to spare (Cynthia had the tickets and was stuck in traffic), but after sprinting up the stairs, we made it to our seats just in time to see the animals walking down the aisle in the beginning. The performers were all so great and I can’t believe how much they were able to accomplish on a single stage.

Work hasn’t been too crazy, although of course I have a story to share… The other day, I was placed to work with Ingrid, and the appointments were going pretty normal. Our first was completely in Spanish, and while I could pick up a few exchanges here and there, I was pretty helpless. Luckily, Ingrid is fluent.

Anyway, sometime after lunch, we were given an appointment with a girl from China. On the appointment sheet it said “ATTN: NEEDS RED DRESS” and stated that her wedding is December 12th of this year. Well… Because the wedding is just over a month away, that means there is no time to order a gown for her (let’s call her Tina). Therefore, Ingrid and I would need to only pull dresses from the sample room that is filled with old sample dresses and cancellations that the brides are able to take that day. Needless to say, there is not a single red dress in that room. It’s not common that we have red samples or people order red dresses and cancel them, so Ingrid and I had to see if we would be able to sell either of the two red dresses we have in store out of stock. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to, so the challenge began.

Ingrid and I left Tina and her fiancée in the room while we went on a red dress hunt. The fiancée had awful breath, but was nice otherwise. Lucky for me, when I went into the room to bring Tina a gown, I found her on top of her fiancée in the middle of a pretty intense make out session. I guess we need to offer do not disturb signs when the brides check in. Anyway, I’m sure I don’t need to explain how awkward that was. In the end, we were able to offer Tina a beautiful Pnina gown in a bright red, but with the custom color and rush charges, the gown would end up being somewhere around $12,500. Although Tina’s budget was $15,000, I think that was a bit too expensive, and she left empty handed.

Backtracking a bit, on Thursday night I wandered over to the NYC Halloween Parade after work with Jackie, Tess, and Jessica (who works in the bridal office and Kleinfeld). Despite the drizzle, the parade was so crowded, and it was pretty impossible to find a good spot. We found somewhat of a clearing, and after standing on our tippy toes for 40 minutes, decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. There were some really neat things in the parade, but it was too hard to see, and we were all super hungry. After looking for a cheap place to eat for a while, we settled on some diner-type place, and I had a delicious omelet. It was a fun night, although I do wish I could’ve seen cute trick-or-treating babies…

I’m only awake right now because I know we set the clocks back tonight (so I get an extra hour of sleep) and I have too much laundry to do to keep putting it off. Oh, and I’m about to look up Universities in other countries that I may spend a month at over the summer, hmm…

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