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November 13, 2013

I’m relieved to say I had a totally normal day at work! I was placed with Rosaria, an older Italian woman that acts like a mom to many of the staff members, and our slots were all filled with level headed brides. That’s a pretty rare day, but I was glad to take it! Kleinfeld has Hayley Paige in for a trunk show today and Thursday. She’s a hip, young designer that makes some of the coolest gowns I have ever seen! Her new collection isn’t online yet, so it’s fun to have the dresses in the store, and we’re able to guarantee the brides that they’re the only ones with the gown!

Anyway, after work, Tess and I headed to Sushi Damo, which is right outside of Columbus Circle, for a dinner date. It was my second time ever having sushi, and Tess’ first, so we knew it was bound to be an interesting experience. Based on some suggestions from Terry, the Fashion Director at Kleinfeld, we ordered spicy tuna rolls (my favorite), eel avocado rolls, and Philadelphia rolls. The Philadelphia rolls were made of smoked salmon and cream cheese. I do not recommend them; Tess and I struggled to stomach our second attempt at eating the Philadelphia rolls and decided not to finish. Sake persuaded us to order dessert, and we each ended up with a massive plate of some chocolate/banana soufflé cake and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious but so filling!

Now I’m back in the Bronx, overjoyed about the fact that I have off tomorrow. I plan on spending the morning at the gym and lounging the rest of the day until class. Starting next week, I really need to begin crossing things off of my bucket list…

Dessert at Sushi Damo


Hayley Paige Gown


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