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Farewell For Now, Kleinfeld

December 9, 2013

It’s actually really crazy how fast this internship flew by. I remember getting ready on my first day, putting on the outfit I chose the night before and overanalyzing every bit of it. I began my commute in flats but changed into heels before I even got off of the subway in case one of the staff saw me in flats (what?! Who cares!).

I spent my first day working with Lisa Furman. Originally, she intimidated the crap out of me, but after getting to know her and working with her again during my internship, I learned that she has one of the biggest hearts. I remember getting assigned a locker in the bathroom and thinking I would never know half of the dresses on the main floor, let alone the dresses in the stock room.

Over the summer, when I would tell people about my upcoming internship, they either asked if I was going to be on TV or totally judged me for going to work at a bridal salon. I guess it seems like something that would require no skill or benefit me in any way? Who knows… But I can certainly tell you how wrong those people were. To begin, I now know hundreds and hundreds of bridal gowns (and would love to give anyone my advice). But really, I’ve learned so much more than my fair share of dresses. I’ve dealt with an absurd amount of personalities and have figured out how to act towards each one. I’ve learned to understand how people are feeling even when they don’t speak. I’ve been able to observe different people acting in different situations and have even learned aspects of the business world.

To be cheesy and completely honest, my favorite part about being at Kleinfeld is the relationships I have made with the other interns and employees. Saying goodbye to everyone tonight was so so sad! I’ve made sure to have been paired with Renee for my last two days, and I can’t believe I won’t work with her again. I unsuccessfully tried to convince her not to retire until I get married. I have her 5-6 years but she wouldn’t take it… Although she did promise she would come for my appointment. Renee took me under her wing and taught me so much about dresses and life. While bad karma has been up my butt all week, some good karma crept in and we didn’t have a bride the first appointment today so we were able to sit, chat, and have our final iPhone lesson.

Joan was the best intern mom we could have asked for and Nicole was like… some sort of soul sister of mine or something. I was meant to know her. Ellie and Katie make me want to be 30 and their best friends. Erika and Ingrid have some of the biggest hearts ever. I don’t have enough good words for the people there. And I’m so lucky to have met awesome girlfriends to share this internship with and a forever friend in Tess.

I’ll stop being cheesy now, but Kleinfeld Bridal will always be missed in my heart.

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