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December 5, 2013

I’m not really sure where to begin recounting my last week from…

I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Florida and it was a ton of fun as always. While the weather could have been a bit warmer, anything is better than the 30 degree winter weather here in the Bronx, so it was still enjoyable. On Thanksgiving, we golf carted over to Gram’s sisters house and spent the day with that side of the family. Dinner was delicious and it was nice to sit and chat with everyone. I don’t get to see them often, so it was nice to catch up. Also, I got second place in the Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt (honorary first if you count my bonus point…). I lost to Mom, so I guess I’m okay with that…

On Friday, Mom, Dad, Gram, Tyler and I went to spend the day in Epcot. So fun! We went on a few rides and then explored the different countries. That definitely did not lessen my travel bug, but that’s besides the point. I had lunch in France and dinner in Italy, and peed in Japan, China, Morocco, the UK, America…. You get the point. Sorry if that’s inappropriate. Anyway, Saturday and Sunday we shopped around and hung out. I saw Frozen, the new animated Disney movie, and of course was obsessed.

Last night, Jackie, Grace, Grace’s boyfriend Adam, and I attended the Global Impact Award Gala for the 25th year Anniversary of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation at the Best Buy Theatre in Manhattan. The night was incredible! Everyone was so fancy and important. I introduced myself to Nigel Barker (we have a mutual acquaintance…), drank some weird jalape├▒o martini, listened to amazing speeches, and tried to act intelligent while talking about AIDS. I found myself wishing Tyler could be there. He’s writing his thesis on AIDS and would’ve had so many intelligent things to say. But anyway, it was really fun and pretty awesome to be surrounded by such prominent people to support a great cause.

Yesterday at work we had another blowout sale. It was way busier than the last one we had a few months ago, but nothing unbearable. Tess and I caught each other up on everything possible from the previous week and acted as honoree stock girls, helping re-bag and hang┬áthe dresses after brides tried them on. I wouldn’t mind if we had blowout sales more often, they’re the perfect time for chatting.

After spending the morning at the gym, I slaved over a paper for my journalism course that I shouldv’e written over break. That, of course, did not happen, and I somehow managed to finish the paper to make it to class only 6 minutes late. At least I got it done…?

Oh and P.S., I bought myself the cutest Betsey Johnson flats at the blowout sale that I’ve been eyeing since the first time I browsed the accessories department downstairs. They’re tiffany blue, sparkly, and they were on sale. So… who could resist?! They kind of remind me of Cinderella…

Betsy Flats

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