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Rocky Point VS New York City

January 10, 2014

I really don’t think I could put into words how amazing of an experience I was given during my semester in NYC. I had such a fun internship, met the most wonderful people, and learned so much about life and myself. Now, I’m sitting in my living room at home for the last night before I head back up to Stonehill College, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty bummed out about it.

Stonehill is a great school. It’s safe and comfortable and I have the most amazing friends there, but that’s about it. Nothing beats taking a quick subway ride and having access to practically anything you want. Despite the misty weather, I would definitely be headed into Manhattan right now to walk the city and take in all the lights… I’m reading a book called “Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York,” that I conveniently found at the Strand Bookstore when I reunited with my city right after Christmas. Anyway, I’ve found one of my new favorite lines written in it; “You can take the girl out of New York, but all that accomplishes is taking the girl out of New York.” That being said, the girl really wants to be back in New York.

This winter break has been so perfect and so short. I can’t believe its already a week into January 2014 and I’m about to start my second to last semester of college. How? I went out to sushi with Amanda tonight, and as usual we chatted about how we can’t believe how quickly time flies. I still wonder where the past three weeks that I’ve been home went. Maybe I’m pressing a fast forward button that I don’t realize.

The holidays were wonderful, as usual. I spent so much time with my family and had too much fun giving presents. I spent a day in the city with my brother, walking 11 miles, eating mediocre food, and seeing a rather disappointing play, but enjoyed it nonetheless. New Years Eve called for a spontaneous trip up to Rhode Island to ring in 2014 with Hanna, and this morning I booked a trip to Puerto Rico with my boyfriend in two months because why not?

I stalk Kleinfeld Bridal on social media daily, and I can’t deny that I miss it there. Crazy brides are, well, crazy, but they definitely find a special place in your heart. I’m SO looking forward for the new season to come out and will be trying to spy myself in every episode. I’ll take 2 seconds of fame.

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