Five Second Brains

November 21, 2014

If you know me, you know it takes me two seconds to get a idea and about three more seconds for the idea to become an obsession. So, for those of you who can’t do very, very simple math (yikes), that means it takes me only a mere five seconds for some crazy, impulsive idea to become something I decide to live my life by until I become rational and start thinking again… This (usually) isn’t a bad thing though… It is the reason I ended up in NYC interning at Kleinfeld, the reason for booking a trip to Puerto Rico with my beau that I had only been dating for a day (love you), and the reason behind so many fun, fulfilling things that may not have been a part of my life if it weren’t for my five second brain.

I locked myself out of my room (accidentally), so I have about an hour of sitting in the cafeteria until Hanna is out of class and can let me back in. I probably should be reading the book that I have to write an essay on this weekend, but Instagram seemed way more exciting, and so did my new five second idea of searching for places I can make weekend trips to once I start working. Logical? Probably not, considering I’ll be working on a starting salary in one of the most expensive cities there is. Do I care? No. Sounds like I’ll need to get really good at budgeting really fast.

Besides all of that, I was laying in bed this morning (Fridays mean no classes, and no classes means stay snuggled in bed until you finally have to get up to pee) thinking about all of the things I’m going to be able to do once I graduate. Oh, and by that I mean things I’ll be able to do in 23 days…?!

  • Read: So, yes, I can read at school. I can read boring textbooks and shorter books about the placebo effect, and I can occasionally fit in a copy of the school newspaper or a wedding magazine, but I can never sit down for hours and binge read the Hunger Games series for the third time, or a book about a hopeless romantic, or any other sort of leisurely read. I’m looking forward to morning subway rides and cold, rainy weekends where I don’t feel guilty reading for fun instead of writing a paper or outlining a text book.
  • Say I did it: I’m thinking that it’ll be pretty cool to be a graduate. Dad clicked his tongue at me when I said that I have no interest in getting a diploma frame to hang on my wall (because, really, I don’t) but I’m looking forward to saying that I am a graduate. I did it! Although.. I’m still not sure if I’m considered the class of 2014 or 2015…?
  • Live for fun: Hm, okay.. So I always have fun, and I’m not saying I don’t have fun at school, but it’s hard for me to fully dedicate myself to doing something fun without a small thought in the back of my mind that I’ve been putting off some sort of schoolwork for the past few days, and it still needs to get done. Yes, I know I’ll have to work 40 hours a week, but 1. I’m assuming that I will love it because I scouted out a job that is seemingly perfect for me, and 2. Once work is done for the day, I won’t have to go home and read about the placebo effect and write a ten page paper on it.
  • Have time to dedicate towards a hobby: On December 7th, I’m taking a calligraphy class in the city and I’m totally pumped!! I’ve been swooning over calligraphy on Instagram for months, and would love to be able to write cards, signs, and chalkboard lettering in the prettiest way possible. And the best part about that? I’ll actually have time to dedicate towards practicing and perfecting the art.
  • Get back into the whole gym thing: Last summer, I was very content with my fitness level and enjoyed dedicating part of my day to the gym (or some other type of physical activity). I have totally fallen out of that habit, and while time isn’t totally an excuse, I am so much better on a schedule, and am looking forward to getting back into a workout routine.
  • Cook: My brain and my Pinterest are filled with a million ideas on things to cook, bake, and drink. At Stonehill, I have no oven and two stovetops that kind of work when they feel like working. The freezer doesn’t keep anything totally frozen, and while our fridge works, it’s pretty teeny. I’m grateful for the cafeteria, because I don’t have the time or the resources to cook while I’m here, but I cannot wait to make the most delicious chicken tacos, mini cheesecakes, chillis, pastas, and sangrias in a reliable kitchen.

Anyway, since this post is probably too long for anyone to want to read, I guess it’s time to stop typing. I’ve also been sitting alone and cross legged at the cafeteria typing on my phone for the past half hour, so if anyone’s paying attention, they most likely either think that I’m writing a long and angry email, having a very intense texting conversation, or am pretending to do something interesting to distract them from the fact that I’m sitting alone…. Bye!

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