New Year Skies

December 31, 2014

Today is one of those days with the perfect mix of sun and clouds to make the sky look like it’s on fire during sunset. It’s too pretty to be real; I wish I could paint because I would replicate it and hang it in my room for those sunset nights that aren’t as perfect. What a nice sky to end 2014.

My year was full of big steps and new things. In January, I started dating someone who is my everyday smile, and we adventured to Puerto Rico in February, marking my first trip to any island of the sort (and the most wonderful vacation I have been on to date). Shortly after, I began working with Cheeky Details and have learned so, so many fun and valuable aspects of the wedding world through them (not to mention all of the wonderful people I have met because of them, too). Around May, I decided officially that I would graduate early, and although the first half of my summer consisted of free time being spent completing online courses (and playing in a kickball league), it was totally worth it. Fast forwarding to now, I’m officially a Stonehill Alumni and a soon-to-be real person with a ┬áreal job (12 days)!

The first two weeks of 2015 will be hectic: a trip to Florida, the Poconos, and Rhode Island are all scheduled, as well as my first day of work and temporarily relocating my room until I find an apartment. I guess I’ll be toasting away my sanity tonight. (Speaking of sanity… I lost my voice for five days, and good thing it wasn’t six, because the antonym for patience is Bittner, and the patience in me was dwindling quick).

Happy, happy, happiest of New Years to everyone, and I hope 2015 is the best year yet!

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