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Going to Cross-fit + I’m Gunna Get Married ~

January 21, 2015

This morning, my boyfriend told me that my dress looked like a fancy robe, and about halfway through the day I looked in the mirror long enough to realize that I wore two completely different earrings. Apparently having Monday off doesn’t do too much in regards to helping me begin the week on the right foot.

Regardless, everything is still going well! We’re currently slaving over our regions and qualifying venues into our program. It’s super time consuming and rather tedious (my Los Angeles region has over 800 venues alone), but it’s also pretty neat. Not only am I learning my way around Southern California, but I’ve been seeing some of the prettiest places there are. There’s an endless amount of parks, and estates, and country clubs with unreal views. There’s even an occasional cross-fit gym and cemetery on the list. (I’ve discluded the cemeteries, since I’m considering them to be a bad omen, and the cross-fit studios haven’t been given the chance either). This is one of my favorites from today —

To make up for the hours we missed working yesterday, we’re able to work extra hours during the week, which means my train just left Penn Station eight minutes ago. Luckily, Brett and I experimented with the crock pot last night, so I hopefully have a delicious dinner waiting for me when I get home! ~

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