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Oh Hey, It’s Me!

February 1, 2017

So, today I did something crazy, and then it made me feel inspired, and then I decided to blog again.

Hm… Let’s backtrack first: throughout 2016, Mom would occasionally ask, “Hey, why haven’t you blogged in a while? [Insert name of one of Mom’s friends] really liked reading your posts.” Then, I would go and pull up the old blog and read a few posts, remember how much I loved writing it, open up a new draft, and realize that I had nothing exciting to write about. Sounds like 2016 was kind of boring, huh? Good things happened… Mom and Dad bought a building so Mom could finally open a Stained Glass studio. Tyler got accepted into Harvard Law. I moved into a new apartment that I love and got promoted twice. Brett still likes me even though I take up more than half of the bed and boss him around in the kitchen. I traveled to California (#dreams) and Florida, and a bunch of other places for quick weekend getaways, and yet I still felt pretty uninspired.

Insert New Years Eve 2016. I decided that, this year, I will have New Years Resolutions. I know, roll your eyes, I’m one of “those” people now, but I feel really connected to my simple goals. Two things that I did not focus on in 2016 that left me a bit unfulfilled:

  1. Find more time to do the things I love.
  2. Live a more overall healthy lifestyle.


Insert today, January 31st, 12:59PM, when I had a temporary lapse in brain function and used my lunch break to sign up for the Shape Half Marathon. What?

…That’s 13.1 miles…

That’s 13 times the number of miles I can run at a time before I decide I’m over running, and move on to another type of workout. That’s also about 3 times the amount of miles I walk on an average day. I’m also pretty sure that I can spend 13 miles walking and talking your ear off about how I will never sign up for a half marathon, because that’s just not really my thing.

Well, it is now apparently. Between the times of 11:22AM, when one of my girlfriends (hey, Caitlyn!) messaged me asking if I would be interested in running the half with her (LOL no..), and 12:59PM, when I finally pressed confirm on my payment for the race,  I decided that while I would totally be throwing a middle finger at New Years Resolution #1 in spending countless hours running countless miles (about 193 miles, not including Race Day), New Years Resolution #2 would be so proud. Every minute since 12:59PM I’ve been face-palming and wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Caitlyn and I will be running in Central Park on April 30th, and are already planning our brunch afterwards.

(Mom: I promise that I’ll start blogging more.)


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