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Five Must Haves for Running

March 28, 2017
Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m not sure about you, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend already… On Monday, I will be starting a new job at The Knot as a Sales Representative! I’m both excited and nervous to start a new position, but I’m really ready for the change :). Here’s to hoping it goes well!

It’s been pretty rainy so far this week, and I’ve been using that as an excuse to be lazy. On Saturday, I completed a nine mile run (!!!) and then took a Barre3 class (unsure what I was thinking), so walking has been very difficult. Foam rolling has been even harder, and I concern my roommate, Caity, with the noises I’ve been making every night as a result of foam roller pain. It’s seriously a form of torture.

Anyway, for the last running related post I’d like to share (for now), I’ve compiled a list of five of my running “Must Haves!” I highly recommend every product on this list, as they have made my training more enjoyable, less painful, and (sort of) fun!

1. Spibelt – As someone with such sensitive skin who also can’t stand things moving around on me while I run (bouncing hoods and strings are my nightmare), I find the Spibelt to be so necessary. This belt is made not to bounce (AMEN!) and can easily fit my iPhone, apartment keys, and a gel. It also doesn’t ride up or move around at all! Tip: if you put the pouch on your back, instead of your front, you will not even notice it’s there! You can save 15% off by using code IN15 🙂
2.  Powerbeats3 Wireless – Life would not be complete without my wireless headphones! I use these at the gym all the time to follow along with my workout videos (#Grandma), and they totally solve my running-with-bouncing-strings problem. I also love that I can skip songs without having to take out my phone! It prevents me from looking at the distance, and it keeps my hands free. Thanks, Brett, for the gift :*
3. Nuun Active Hydration Tablets – These electrolyte-replenishing tablets are so tasty, and perfect for after a run! They’re made with natural ingredients (which is always a plus in my book) and are low in sugars. I love the Lemon-Lime flavor, but Citrus Fruit is good, too!
4. Good Socks – I don’t have a particular pair of socks I love, but after my first long run in non-performance socks, I experienced horrible blisters and chapped skin on my toes (ew), and knew I needed to step up my sock game. As silly as it sounds, performance socks do really make a difference and help to eliminate hot-spots.
5. Buff Headwear – You know that feeling when you’re breathing in really cold air and it feels like your lungs are filling with icicles? I found a way to prevent this! The multi-functional headwear piece by Buff has been my savior for my cold morning runs. I’ve worn it as a neck warmer, an ear warmer, and an entire face warmer. It’s also doubled as a tissue when I’ve run out mid-run (sorry about it). They come in so many fun patterns, and the ones made of Merino Wool are extra soft.

Oh, one more thing. I ordered a pack online of my favorite protein bars, RXBAR, because they were having a sale last week. Yesterday, when my package came, I opened the box to discover that I was mailed a pill organizer and three Los Angeles Police badges, instead of 12 protein bars. Truly one of the strangest things I have ever received in the mail. The company seems pretty confused, too, and my new bars are in the mail… 🙂


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