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Postcard from Ljubljana, Bohinj, and Bled

September 29, 2017

Hi friends!

I’m sitting in the cutest apartment drinking homemade Berryshka (a walnut liquor), and all is good :). We made it to Piran, our last spot in Slovenia, and I can’t wait to share pictures of this charming town.

But first — Ljubljana and the towns in between! Contrary to popular belief, Ljubljana is not pronounced La-jooble-jana, but actually Lyoo-blee-yah-nah (don’t check my phonetics please), and you bet that Brett and I made fools of ourselves trying to pronounce it correctly for a majority of our time there! On top of the difficult pronunciation, English speakers are becoming a teeny bit harder to find (but still very accessible), so we’ve been having fun. I will say, however, that English is widely accepted as a “universal” language, and you can often find two people who speak different languages meeting in the “middle” by speaking English.

Ljubljana is a small city, and our AirBnB was in a perfect central location (we’ve done a really good job of finding great rentals so far). One of the main tourist attractions, the Dragon Bridge, was a two minute walk away! We battled rain for most of our trip there, but the city still looked super pretty (and it made us less guilty of staying in and enjoying the hammock in the apartment)!

After some quick research, Brett and I learned of an area called Metelkova, an old military barracks that turned into a squatter village in the early 90s. Now, Metelkova is a small artsy center that seems to govern itself, and it’s absolutely a must see!

Since Slovenia is only about the size of Massachusetts, it’s very easy to hop in the car and explore other areas of the country. Brett and I wandered to Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, two separate and beautiful lakes with the most incredible views! At Bohinj, we rented a canoe, despite the foggy cold weather, and explored the town a bit. I was frozen solid, and desperate for sunshine, but at least the weather kept the crowds away! When we visited Bled, it was finally sunny. Our hike ended up being super muddy (Brett and I both had plenty of slips and he has a small battle wound) but the views were worth every bit of mud on our clothes.

We’ve seen some really crazy water colors, and I can’t believe how clear the lakes were! On our drive to Bohinj, we passed a few rivers that were streaming with water that was the iciest of blues. So beautiful!

Also, good news to anyone who is wondering: Brett and I aren’t tired of each other yet and I would without a doubt do this ten times over. I wish I could!

Thanks so much for reading — I’m so happy to be sharing this adventure with everyone!


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