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Postcard From Split

September 22, 2017


It’s been two weeks since Brett and I left New York for Europe, and everyday since I have been so grateful that we made the decision to travel! We’ve been having such an incredible time, and I can’t believe how beautiful the world is. I’m also super grateful for our health — I’m finally feeling mostly better after three sick days (following Brett!), and am glad that our bodies are happy and capable of carrying us through this journey.

Tonight is our last night in Split, Croatia before we head inland to Zagreb. I’m excited to spend a few more days in this country; it has really captured our hearts.

These past few days here have been perfect for some relaxing and recuperating! Split is absolutely stunning — between the water and the town runs the Riva Promenade, a walking path that looks like it’s straight out of Disney. The beautiful palm trees and boats look amazing and rich along all of the old building walls! Plus, it’s so clean.

We spent most of our time here hanging around, taking naps, and walking along the Promenade. Every morning, local Croats sell their fresh fruits and vegetables in the Green Market, so we made sure to get some fruits, veggies, and eggs! I also got a whole bag of fresh figs for only $3, and they’re delicious (almost as good as the donut peaches). There is a Fish Market as well, on the other side of Old Town, but we ended up not buying anything there.

Tonight, we sat on the steps of Diocletian’s Palace in Old Town and listened to some live music. The restaurant in the square sends our waiters to serve wine and hors devours to the listeners, although Brett and I somehow ended up ordering Grappa and a Piña Colada (don’t worry, we already judged ourselves). It was so beautiful and a perfect way to end our time here!

To answer a question we keep hearing: No, we’re not tired of traveling yet… we’re absolutely loving it, and the more places we see, the more and more we want to keep seeing the world!


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