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Postcard from Budapest / Farewell to our European Adventure

October 17, 2017


Today, Tuesday the 17th, is day 40 of our European Adventure, and I can’t believe we’re at the end! Brett and I are currently sitting in the Budapest Airport waiting to board the first leg of our flight back to America. This past week, we’ve trekked all over Budapest, exploring and relaxing as we kissed this adventure goodbye.

Budapest is a really neat city — I had no idea what to expect! It’s divided up into two areas, Buda and Pest, with the Danube River running through the middle (above, I’m on the Buda side, looking at Pest). Buda is more historical and scenic, while Pest is where you go to find all of the restaurants, ruin bars, etc.

Ruin bars can be found all over Budapest — rundown, abandoned old buildings and outdoor spaces (like an apartment building or a bus station) are transformed into really neat, fun, and inexpensive bars! The first ruin bar, Szimpla Kert, was our go-to spot. Each room in the old apartment building was decorated differently and was hosted by a different bar. The decor was amazing, and it was so fun to explore! Brett and I learned that Szimpla hosts a brunch and farmers market on weekend mornings, so we headed over early Sunday as well and had such a great meal (after a hilarious mishap with Brett and a milk frother).

Yesterday, we spent our whole day on Margaret Island, a small island between Buda and Pest, playing cards, drinking wine, and watching the Musical Fountain performance every hour! It was such a perfect day and perfect ending to our trip. The weather has been in the low 70s, and the leaves are turning pretty colors!

Our return home is bittersweet — I would absolutely say yes (without hesitation) to continuing this trip another 40 days, but knowing that we start our cross country trek and San Diego move in a few days, I’m looking forward to getting home and seeing some family and friends before we leave.

Yesterday, we went to a fun, dog friendly (hehe) restaurant to grab lunch, and I found this quote on the wall: “Stop existing and start living.” This whole trip, I felt like I was truly living, and it has been amazing! If traveling like this is something you want to do, DO IT. It is possible, it is worth every risk, and it will make you feel so happy and full.

Cheers to you, Budapest!


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  1. Hooray to both of you. I’m sure this is a trip you will remember forever. Now on to your cross country trip. Drive safely and continue to enjoy your travels. Keep us posted
    We have so enjoyed sharing your travels with you. Live you, G & G

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