Postcard from Denver

October 27, 2017

Hi everyone!

For the past three mornings, Brett and I have woken up over 1,600 miles away from home, and we haven’t even made it to California yet! We began our cross-country move Monday AM, and drove 18 hours for a rest in Des Moines (longest day ever?!). The next day, we woke up and drove to Denver, where we’ve been for a few days.

Leaving home was a bit teary, but I still don’t feel as if the reality of our move has settled in yet. I’m not sure if it will for a while either — this has been one long, continued adventure and I’m loving it!

Anyway, Denver is a neat city with super temperamental weather! One day, we had a high of 80 degrees, and the next it snowed! Luckily, we looked at the weather, and took advantage of the nice day by going hiking. Rocky Mountain National Park is a 2 hour drive from the city of Denver, and the views are absolutely stunning! Since we’re very high up in altitude, and have been doing a ton of sitting and driving, we chose a shorter hike (3.6 miles). We kept laughing at how many breaks we had to take. The altitude definitely gets you!

Because of the drastic weather, we saw some patches of snow and frozen lakes, but it was about 60 degrees that day. The wind, however, was crazy and SO cold! We didn’t see any wildlife, aside from the worlds most friendly chipmunk.

Yesterday, we stopped by the Red Rocks Amphitheatre (the concert season is over, but I wish we could have seen someone perform). We leave Denver tomorrow morning for our next stop, Moab, UT!

Oh, P.S., Brett and I successfully fit almost everything we own, with the exception of four smallish boxes, into our car! Packing professionals.


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