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Postcard from Piran, Trieste, and Munich

October 4, 2017

Hello from an Oktoberfest survivor!

Brett and I are currently on a FlixBus headed from Munich to Prague — we meet up with his family tomorrow and are super excited!

These past few days have been full of country hopping, and I’ve been loving it. First up, we spent two days in Piran, a beautiful and charming coastal town in Slovenia. Not only were our AirBnb hosts SO lovely, but Piran was filled with everything good — the coast, pretty buildings, and friendly people. We wish we had planned to stay longer!

On our second day in Piran, Brett and I rented a boat (after devouring a breakfast with some homemade marmalade from our hosts!), and were able to see the town from the water! I felt a bit seasick in the beginning (the boat was small and the waves were not), but after a while it calmed down, and I rested enough to get a killer sunburn on my face. I really, really loved this place, and had to find a way to fit Piran in the same heart space as Croatia!

After Piran, Brett, the car, and I headed to Trieste, a port town in Italy full of Austria-Hungarian influence. The buildings were all old and stunning! After some exploring, Brett and I headed out on our own little food tour, and quickly learned that if you ordered a drink at the bar, a waiter would bring you complementary appetizers! It certainly helped with the budget, and it was fun to try some foods we would not have ordered otherwise. We also learned that it’s illegal to play cards in Italy, and had to put our deck away.

That brings us to Munich, which really just consisted of us spending a lot of money on beer at Oktoberfest (hehe). I have to say that I had no idea Oktoberfest would be as beautiful as it was! I was expecting a bunch of mud, tents, and dirty bathrooms, but was surprised with a beautiful fair, giant “tents” with incredible decorations, and clean bathrooms (yay)!

Each tent is operated by a different beer company, and since it wasn’t too crowded when we arrived (maybe because it was a Tuesday / the last day of the festival?) we were able to go into any tent without a wait! While you have your choice of food (which was all so delicious) you don’t have any say in the size beer you get — it’s a liter or bust. Luckily for me, I quickly learned that a Radler is a shandy (beer mixed with lemonade), so I stuck to those, as I’m not big on beer. Brett drank his heart out, and woke up asking for Advil 🙂

I can’t believe our trip is almost nearing the end! It’s crazy how this adventure quickly turned into normal, everyday life for us. Every once in a while, Brett and I will look at each other and laugh at how we’re in the middle of a foreign country, casually eating lunch and thinking nothing of it.

Cheers, friends!


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